Strange real life mythical centaur creature found (8 photos)

This dead alien-like being found in a small town in Thailand was claimed to be born from a cow and seems at first to be a severe case of birth malformation defect. A closer examination however reveal that the alien being resembles too much of a human baby with its front legs looking more like hands than feet.

In the form of a ritual, the local residents pour baby powder onto the dead body and burnt incense in their belief of cleansing the area of evil and hopeful that it will be reincarnated peacefully.

Hopefully the American government swooped in and confiscated this creature so we can live in ignorant bliss.


  • Gonçalo

    Thats prettty weird.. I hope someone pulls some more info on it, kinda curious now o.O

    • sack

      my totally unprofessional guess… a young goat that fell in the river and is in process of decomposition…

      • Da Sandman

        or just a horribly deformed cow foetus…. no such thing as minotaurs and satyrs…. idiots

  • FightingCorsair

    A real used-to-be-alive satyr? Cool.

  • Santo

    Human/Goat Splice

  • Kovacs

    I'm gonna guess it was a mutation in the genes of some animal, or human, that caused the creature (if it really is real, of course). If it's an animal mutant, some genes for the head probably caused it to be disfigured while the internal organs were also messed up to create the shape of the body. With those messed up, the creature, as you can see, would die young. If it's a human a mutation causing hooves, which is probably less likely, the creature would still die young because of other mutations that likely occurred in the body.

    That's my theory, either way

    • The real D. Nozzle

      well then, problem solved.

    • mike you

      no, someone defintely fucked a cow…that's all that is.

  • sha shizza

    they found manbearpig, al gore will be happy.

    • Fumaza

      nah, this is only manbearpig's dead baby. manbearpig is still out there.

      • chrisdg74

        I'm thuper therial guys!

  • Maverick

    why does it look like its covered in powdered sugar?

    • Edward

      "The lice hate the sugar. Listen Rod.."

      "It's delicious."

    • fuzzybeard2016

      didn't you read the text? it's baby powder.

    • ttmab7

      It's in the caption dude.

  • P-90

    Whoa, people make some weird cakes.

  • Dr. Genist

    This is a lamb born with a not terribly uncommon defect.

    • aliens maaaan...

      whos paying you to say that?!

  • maynard

    Yoda's been diddling the goat herd he has..hee.hee.hee

  • anonymous

    I would go with the thought of amalgamation for this one. If it was born from a cow, might be that. Just my side of the story, no proof whatsoever

  • nathan

    everyone is taking this to seriously… this is just another example of "lonely goat farmer syndrome" they must not have porn in that country…

  • aliens maaaan...

    thailand is the crazy weird sex shit capital of the world! I wouldn't know though…

  • bktscrambler

    incense and baby powder to cleanse the area of evil? or maybe it's because the rotting corpse of a mutant lamb just plain stinks of death?

  • Derp de derp derp

    Derp! Derp de Derp Derp!

  • Doublenix

    What's with Chive lately? First calling a chipmunk a squirrel, now they are calling something that looks like a satyr a centaur. Stop asking your drunk brother-in-law what something is and look it up before you post.

  • C.N.Taur

    Yes of course it's a half-goat half-human, IDIOTS!!!!! bloated and dead lamb lying on its stomach with a grossly deformed head. Go smoke some more pot ya friggin hippies!!!

    • 'Merica

      easy their chief. sounds like you need the pot more than they.

    • FailRater

      It's lying on its back… just a fyi… before you call others stupid


    It's just a dead baby cow, check out the true version of the story

  • Stickiness

    Whatever it is, see the size of that head? I bet he tore that vagina up….Stewie style!!!

  • Ziff

    Nah, it's a cake from Ace of Cakes! Dig in! …Where's Duff?

  • St.Christopher

    How the fuck does anyone know how Aliens look even if they existed.

  • Adrian

    zoophilia man, that's what happens when you get a hillbilly alone with a cow

  • Dan

    Mr. Thumnus?

  • mattythegooch

    What the fuck is a Muppet?? Half mop and half puppet….funny as fuck!!

    I'm assuming the picture in question is a Muppet.

    • Lobster Rage Fist

      You're a muppet

      • mattythegooch


  • Anders

    It's a cow that was born with several malformations, it is hydrocephalic and it has fluid in the abdomen. There are also deformations of the skeleton, so that the limbs are short and pounting outward, more or less resembling a human. The calf was already dead when it was born.

    These people are performing a ritual on it because it's what they do. They think it's a mythical creature. These severe deformations may have occurred spontaneously, or because the mother cow was exposed to toxins during pregnancy. Hope this explains some of it to you.

    • MigraineBoy

      I just think someone has been screwing around.

  • markkens

    Only in Indonesia could you shave a hydrocephalic sheep and make money.

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