This douchebaggery will not stand, man (27 Photos)

  • bob

    i vomited a little in my mouth just now at the sheer realization of the world in which i live. Blessed forgetfulness don't abandon me in my time of need.

  • Papsmeer Robbon

    To be fair, all of these guys are flaming homosexuals. How else do you think they'll dress?

    • Noo

      The majority of Homosexuals actually do not act or look like that, the majority of them are *shock* normal and masculine.

  • virginia

    Oh come on I have seen worst douchebags that Nickel back dude.

  • w/eeeee

    corect term for #21 is actually :"FAG" look it up in a dictionary 😀

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  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Al Gore did not invent the internet for this faggotry

    • Chris


  • Doyle

    Nobody has mentioned how disgusting and roided up #16's bicep looks. Seriously, biceps don't grow that way.

    • Chase Elenz

      Roids look alot better. Thats what is called synthol injections. It is a fluid that just sits on the muscle. It doesnt make you stronger or anything. Completely pointless.

  • Hez26

    At first I was ashamed for not recognizing who #12 was…….then i just considered it a WIN

  • markkens

    #21 – The sick thing is that someone else took the shot while he douched.

  • Mel

    no 1 noticed teletubby

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  • HellHath NoFury

    Dear Females,
    If you are about to mate with someone wearing more makeup than yourself, please spike your drinks with antifreeze.

    • MiPo_TheGoaT

      if they only mate within their d/bag species how long will it take for this epidemic to evolutionary erase itself…..Too bad self tanning doesnt = infertility

  • wtf...

    Dude on the left in #4 looks like he's starting to come down with a case of the Meth Face..Don't pick 'um brutha..they'll just get worse

  • Moncholo

    isnt n°12 Chad Kroeger from Nickelback?

  • northerner

    The woman in #9 is incredibly, awesomely hot. Astounding pic. Yes, the guy is an incredible douchebag for pointing that out. As is often asked, why do gorgeous women give these douchebags a second look? Why are they that desperate?

  • LegoAaronLego

    #13 was funny as shit

  • Thea

    #13 – Cristiano isn't a douchebag – he's just metrosexual. and effeminate.
    #24 – wtf. why does a little 9 year old have a partially formed 6 pack?

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  • Steve

    the guys in #5 work at my gym. Bally's in henrietta NY….

  • Galaktikdragon

    Sorry but i don't speak well English… I know that is embarrassing see this people but i don't know what it means "douchebags"
    Can some body explain to me..


  • Boris

    This = when murder should be legal.

  • WTF

    WHAHAHAHAHA….. no, wait really? BWAHAHAHA. Looser

  • fasterthanu


  • BDWG81

    #25-I hear your inner monologue, "Yo, I'm at a Chili's! I make a kiss face to all the beautiful ladies! I have an awesome fake tan! I still have my hair! Peace!"
    What we all see-DOUCHEBAG

  • Jon

    Give Ronaldo a break he's European, he doesn't know any better. All of the others however can take a flying mendoza off of the golden gate bridge

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