This douchebaggery will not stand, man (27 Photos)

  • Chantelle Wollbaum

    #12. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! He is the biggest douche EVER and I'm glad others know this.

  • mike

    If this is the future of our country, we are screwed!

  • @jgerry

    #11 – sorry dude, that's a ladie's tank top.

  • Penelope

    #17…what is up with that 5 head!?

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  • Bill Blair

    Holy Shit are these idiots for real?

  • dicknasty

    Wow. Fags.

  • scott

    seriously? what a bunch of fags.

  • Funny collection

    What is this with people. Don't they have mirrors at home. I mean most of them got a "Stuck in a wind tunnel" look and the other "stuck in the wind tunnel with a tanning lap in it". What losers. I collect funny images on my blog but I think I will be ashamed to even add freaks like this to it. (Check it out)

  • Don'tHateProcreate

    so dude on the right in #5 is the hottest douchbag I've ever seen in my entire life and yes I would put up w/ his shit b/c he's beautiful ❤

  • So Not a Douche

    I wish all these people would find the nearest bridge, and jump. ASAP. That is all.

  • Anonymous

    they shoved the oranges so far up their ass, (for colonic cleansing) began to turn their faces

  • http://thechive anti- douche

    Nice shirt ass nuts, they make those for men?

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