Asians in American t-shirts made me lol more than I should (24 Photos)

  • Kent

    These aren't American shirts, what the fuck are you talking about?

  • Donkey Kong

    This is like white people getting Chinese symbols tattooed on them not having a clue what they mean.

  • Buffet

    Naturally those heathen foreigners are illiterate.

  • dtriz

    Japanese girls, please come marry me.

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  • kpsurf

    The last surf shirt is rockin!

  • Cade

    #11 Apparently, she has a dick.

    #24 Surfing backwards on a whale is the newest trend to the Asian population.

    #19 WIN

  • McBeastie


  • Mogus

    lived in china for 9 years and once saw a shirt "I heart BJ" BJ for Beijing. never saw it for sale anywhere or would of bought it. Also had a student there who had a shirt which said in small text "lick me, suck me, rape me, touch me… etc" all over the shirt. She was 6 or 7. ahhh, the memories.

  • Porkyfeet

    I saw a big, hairy bloke in Glasgow wearing a T-shirt with a chinese symbol on the back….. my asian friend was raffing out velly, velly roud and when asked why, told me it said "girl power" …………

  • Vincent Li

    shit … reminds me of when they tested yao ming's translator.. horrible. no wonder they and the china national team cant ever win.

  • Asian

    Actually #1 is not wrong if you're living in northern England. Salt beef or picked beef is a jewish deli meat made from beef brisket cured in brine. Not uncommon to have salt beef sandwich as such 🙂 ….. rest of photos still amusing though lol

  • Yeah!

    Nothing wrong with the asians, just the God damn shirts that all.

  • USLethal

    You think that's funny? Imagine what "asian" tattoos that half of the US population are walking around with really say! I wonder if there's some Chinese Chive with that as a post somewhere

  • Jeez

    One of my friend got an Asian tattoo….it actually says picnic table not some quote about life how she thinks it is

  • Stacyface

    this is why I avoid wearing shirts with Japanese on them no matter how cool they look!!

  • Keith_D

    I want this shirt

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  • socket2me

    Help ! I'm stuck in a help desk and I cant answer the phone coz I'm laughing too hart

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