Even God makes mistakes (6 Photos)

  • Firstly

    First, suckas!

    • Dude_love

      First to suck ass?

      • Motoring SOB



    • You are a tard


  • OneClownShoe

    LOL @ god

  • Ron

    Another complete ripoff of izismile. At least they posted the original source they got it from.

    • chris

      Exactly my point!

    • DeMonikk1

      Dude…get a life. Nobody here cares. Enough already.

      • You should care

        I care! Ripping off source material and never crediting it is lame. These are entire posts and huge chunks of content taken from one site, over and over again.

        • HardCore Mike

          Yeah but I don't have to go to all these sites… the Chive does it for me. Only best for us Chivers! Thanks for scoring the net for me Chive!!!

          Ever read The Asylum? Everything on it is from somewhere else. It's called the internet.. get used to it.

          • You should care

            Yes I do read The Asylum. They cite source material. I agree that original content is exceedingly rare on the internet, however not giving credit when even the layout of entire posts is ripped off sucks.

            I know it might be hard to see the truth with The Chives dick dangling in your face but c'mon.

            • Pundit

              Dude…go away…..

            • HardCore Mike

              And how certain are you that THOSE sites are responsible for the originality of the content/post? AND do they give proper credit… on and on. Guys like you lurk sites like this with nothing better to do than sling insults at the site and their viewers but.. YER HERE AIN'T YA!!! I guess the lure of the Chive's dick in yer face is just too much.

              • You should care

                Some websites have original content and some do not, I'm well aware of reposting and that it goes both ways. Regardless, Chive should cite.

                I lurk here cause I love The Chive, not to make fun. I just thought your blind allegiance was unfounded. Improvements can always be made, and you're a fool to think otherwise.

                • HardCore Mike

                  To think I have some allegiance to the Chive is your foolishness, not mine. Same for stating that I do not think 'improvement can be made'. Do not put words in my mouth.

                  If you truly wish to assist The Chive in 'improving', perhaps you might word your 'constructive criticism' a little different. Coming across as a douchebag will not get your voice heard. LOL

                  • You should care

                    My bad Mike. I thought with all the other things being put in your mouth, words would be the least of your worries. LOL

                    Revised statement:

                    <sarcasm off>
                    Sorry The Chive, not trying to douche it up, but ya got to work harder on citing where you can. It actually really isn't that big a deal, and I'll still be here every day anyways. Thanks for the lulz and keep up the awesomeness!
                    <sarcasm off>

    • Joy

      Get a job, Ron

  • tommybhoy

    This post is pish

  • Carrot

    LOL @ thinking God didn't include war in his design.

  • http://twitter.com/100window @100window

    LOL @ thinking God designed.

  • Satan

    LOL @ thinking there is a God.

  • Great Odin's Ravin !

    LOL @ my ball stink.

  • fourTWOzero

    LOL @ GOD giving you 1 ball!!

    • Eazy E

      LOL @ your close up of Drake's retarded little brother picture…doucher…lolololololol

      • fourTWOzero

        LOL @ you obviously taking the time to look at my pic and wonder which of your homo-erotic fantasy boyfriends it reminded you of!

        but seriously….your a fag

    • Great Odin's Ravin !

      OH, so now there's some kind of prejudice against having one ball ?!?!?! I really miss my other ball, you insensitive jerk off.

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/fasterthanu fasterthanu

    Is God a smurf?

  • GOD

    L O L

  • ...

    that explains a lot

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/traveloracle Gandalf..

    Evolution/God is not perfect..Or else we would have got wings instead of pubic hair….;)

  • Shane

    Yeah, cause no major religion has war in their holy book. Totally a mistake. Clearly.

  • Webeo

    This has been ripped straight off the rather good webcomic Space Avalanche – http://www.spaceavalanche.com/2009/11/30/diorama/

    Ripped rather badly at that – no shame.

    • http://twitter.com/ky @ky

      yea, wtf is that anyhow? They spliced it all up, at least credit space avalanche. That is a killer comic.

  • May

    no he doesn't.

  • fonzie

    that's one big ass mistake…

  • eclipze

    LOL at d-bags .. LOL

  • asdf

    Why is God purple?

  • Buffet

    God doesn't make mistakes.

  • ron

    He made you tho buffet

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