I’m guessing a woman or an Asian was behind the wheel (20 photos)

  • Mmmmmm

    We can report on other poster's comments, how do we report on racist titles?

    • Aztec

      Live with it! Or is it because you are an Asian woman??? Lmao! Take it easy relax and chill, this is an easy going website, not a human rights one! I am Mexican and I laugh about stereotype jokes about Mexican, but if you are sensitive… You kinda are in the wrong website my friend 🙂

  • Buffet

    OK, where's the fire?

  • Charlie Chan

    ROR. I'm sure more that city had more than one firetruck and more than 3 firefighters, and I'm sure it also made it there shortly after the house was set on fire.

    +1 chive.

  • Simpson

    Fuck you, you sexist assholes.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury

      How ladylike. I see why we should respect you.

  • Dre

    oh common you yellow asian bastards…you all know that you did not invent the car or driving or pornography.

  • Crunk

    yup those firefighters are bunch of women all right

  • Gilroy Gaylord

    Sexist and racist period.

  • Masao

    let's see if all you white people can drive in japan, indonesia, or malaysia. you will all be peeing in your pants. the chive is full of racist crap.

  • spike dawg

    Hey, Leo, you misogynist piece of shit….how's it feel to as dumb as the muthafukah driving the truck? Dickwad.

  • CheerSpucker

    Sexist AND racist! Congrats Chive on discovering a method of time travel! You've taken us all back 50 years!

  • batman

    LOL.. look more like a caucASIAN driver to me…

  • macrda


  • mothafucka

    Fuck you leo

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