Meme scenery without the memers (15 Photos)

Andy Baio over at Waxy has taken the time to remove the people from their famous memes. It really demonstrates that you don't need anything fancy to make a big funny.

  • Route 49

    I have no idea what a "meme" is?

  • beepboopbop

    hahahahaha i haven't seen grape lady in FOREVER!!!

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    […] you think you know your Internet Memes? Test your knowledge with this series of images in which the familiar element has been Photoshopped out. The one pictured here is super easy, but […]

  • Aviator

    everyone is saying 2 is star wars kid and 3 is dancing indian
    2 is Numa Numa guy
    3 is star wars kid.
    4 is dancing indian kid.

    top counting number 2 as number 1.
    Your welcome for clearing that up

  • Aviator

    1 – David After Dentist
    2 – Numa Numa
    3 – Star Wars kid
    4 – Dancing Indian Kid
    5 – i don't know
    6 – im thinking Laughing Baby, not sure
    7 – Keyboard Cat
    8 – Grape Squashing News
    9 – i dont know
    10 – don't know
    11 – Dramatic Chipmunk
    12 – don't know
    13- Rock Roll
    14 – Afro Ninja

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