• MarkAssBuster

    Thank you Evelyn…. that is all.

  • LiaMMV

    Evelyn, you are on the cusp of taking it too far. Please stop!

  • BGkid

    Dont know which was quicker me typing with one hand or …………nevermind
    moar and thank you

  • Rick

    Thank you Evelyn. Really.

  • workin_donkey

    #29 – Please prove that you are not another 'butterface'. Great abs…gotta be 1000 crunches a day!

  • Merovingian

    #13 that is all..

  • Gerardo

    Evelyn, i think they should do a whole set of pics of you

  • Chris

    #22 is jelena jensen

  • Ian

    I agree with some guy. This is an awesome website, but these posts just breed more and more attention whores.

  • Viking

    #29 made me stop and stare.
    That is just simply perfect, abs and all.

  • Jason

    # !3 you are amazing!
    #24 super cute……….very nice
    #29 sooooooooooooooooooooooooovery nice! It paid off……that's all I'm saying

  • Rusty

    #8, the one on the right looks JUST like my ex-wife, when I married her. Of course, 6 months later when she'd doubled her weight – no shit, I'm serious, 120 lbs to 240 lbs in 6 months – things were a little different …

    • its_forge

      My high-school buddy married a little girlie that looked a lot like her too, and sure enough, 6 months to a year later, major-league waddling dumpling. Still a cute, sweet girl but OMG round. They are in fact still married after 30 years however so pff, shows wtf *I* know.

  • Terry Burke

    29, thats pretty awesome 🙂

  • its_forge

    13, 23 and 24 are seriously beautiful and will hopefully have wonderful lives. 22 is a gorgeous picture even though it's not the girlfriend of anyone who posted it here. I love bottom. Speaking of which, 18 looks like she has a truly outrageous bottom and we really need some other angles please.

  • nick

    evelyn, i humbly thankyou!

  • SwanDiver


  • Dr. Dre

    evelyn is buff as hell

  • James

    Evelyn!!!!!!!!!! MORE….MY GOD MORE!!!

  • Markus

    the person in number 12 looks like a dude….I am actually pretty sure it is a dude in a bikini…

  • jim

    #14 Sorry. Don't see it. Maybe if you didn't call yourself hot, I might have thought differently of you but that one comment just made you come across as a stuck-up attention whore.

  • fapper

    #16 looks like Kayden Kross…

    • Silky

      no shit sherlock

  • Bill Noname

    I want more pics of Evelyn…. PLEASE!

  • dudeness

    3 and 24… both of you, well done ladies. moar.

  • Bud Ugly

    Hmm, I wonder if Kayden Kross checks the Chive…

    And thank you Evelyn 🙂

  • HellHath NoFury

    Dear Evelyn,
    I am supremely jealous. And I love you. That is all.

    • dtriz

      Oh come on, you could pull that off if you posted the pic girl

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