China said, F it, lets drive the bus over traffic. (10 photos)

China may have found an environmentally friendly way to save money while easing congestion on city roads, Engadget reports.
Instead of spending millions to widen roads, the Shenzhen Huashi Future Parking Equipment company is developing a "3D Express Coach" (also called a "three-dimensional fast bus") that will allow cars less than 2 meters high to travel underneath the upper level carrying passengers.

  • dave

    Awesome idea!

  • Dude_love

    That is a brilliant idea.

  • lulu

    especially when some dumbass crashes into one of the legs and maims all the saps aboard… though that would make for some funny chive pictures in the future.

    Full steam ahead I say

  • Ouboet

    Great idea, until you are underneath one and need to change lanes…

  • rcjaos

    this is actually a really good idea. The cost to implement would be high however.

  • KJJ

    Not sure how much inner-city traffic it will actually solve. Doesn't look like that thing will actually be able to turn a sharp corner.

    • Babyfart McGeezax

      Just transfer buses at every slight turn

  • fasterthanu

    Thats daft.

    • HellHath NoFury


      • fasterthanu


  • maynard

    Can you imagine the BS and politics to get something like that done here in the US?

    • Clickawhat

      Since I'm using my imagination and is just a guess: Fat cats, Alf, poptarts, unicorn turds, flights involving jet boots, flights not involving jet boots, boobs, motorcycles, time travel, lotto winnings, jet ski's, hover ski's, hover boards. Was I close ?

      • Beau

        You forgot more boobs.

    • winston002

      you mean like the L in chicago and parts of the newyork train system. this is america baby. we fix shit, its what we do. we figured out a long time ago to move mass transit above regular traffic.

      i will give it to them thougth this one looks quiet dask cunning, hopefully it will not have the same adverse effects the elevated traffic systems have had here.

      • its_forge

        We figured it out a long time ago and then dropped public transportation like a ton of flaming bricks. The El and the NY subway system were built in the 19th fricking century and not a damn thing has improved about any of it since then. The state of public transport in the US is embarrassing to Americans.

  • Zoey

    Those renderings don't look like China at all! The streets should be TOTALLY full of cars, the people on the bus should all have black hair, the bus should be TOTALLY packed, and the sky should be smoggy.

    • Randy

      Not to mention, there should be thousands of bicycles everywhere.

      • Six

        Zoe, you do know there are plenty more cities in China than Beijin and Shanghai?! Randy does have a point though.

  • Bud Ugly

    Looks like it's too big to make sharp turns. It also sucks if a car crashes into it while underneath.

    As for the lane changing difficulty, well, I'd say that's the cars fault, not the bus. The point isn't that the bus goes over cars, it's that cars go under the bus. So if you think you'll have to make a lane change, don't go under it.

  • Blendercloud

    Why is that Chinese bus filled with Americans?!?!

    • Beau

      The software they use to render the people can only make normal faces. If it knew how to slant the eyes, they would all look asian.

  • garp

    …it is a huge train, on stilts no less, and we have a pretty good idea how well trains can stop to avoid a sudden traffic situation….cute idea though

  • Mac

    that thing is gonna screw my sense of speed when i think a tunnel is overtaking me

  • youdummy

    I'm just glad they are making it in 3D. Flat Stanley is not the only one that needs transportation.

  • top dog

    That is a cool concept, but this would probably work better if it were on rails or some kind of track system.

  • Tyler Mars

    terrible renderings, terrible idea. i don't need to repeat the problems with something like this as my fellow chivers above already have.

  • Niz

    This looks like it was meant for major highways and longer distances, like a gray hound over a city bus, and would be on its own track which would be imbeded into the highway. If this thing had to make actual turns, it would fail….

  • Dan


  • gUEST

    "The Chinese have done it my friend" – George Costanza

  • sebastian

    Looks like a good idea, but I think a greater idea would be to work more on flying cars.

    • Bren

      The problem with flying cars is car accidents will no occur in 3 dimensions. Say your minding your own business sitting at a red light in the sky when some other dumb-asses flaming debris T-Bones you from above.

  • asiansensation

    we make good idea. all america is not good. we make fast train over car. america make mcdonalds

  • dtriz

    Its a good idea, but do The Chinese really dress like #10?

  • Veerabhadra


    Wonderful,creative idea! Hope others will follow too for safe and fast driving.

  • sandeep.hs

    That is a brilliant idea

  • Gentjan Selamaj

    this is what we can call useful high tech

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