Shikisai Interactive Japanese t-shirts (9 photos)

Click here to see where you can purchase these awesome shirts!

  • fourTWOzero


    • damn


      • Nomimono


        • Beau

          Foresight would have done you all a lot of good in not making yourselves look like d-bags. lol.

    • RaraAvis

      FOREPLAY! (My favorite)

  • inb4Firstly


  • GOD


    i love the girls shirt that works like blinds… like opening up the windows to a sunny day.

  • Urmom

    hehe, stupid japs

  • tommybhoy

    Creative…maybe would wear one if they only cost £!0 but no doubt they are overpriced

  • Alate

    4D shirts? they have length, width, depth aaaand go through time?

    • Brandon

      Leave it to the Japanese to create a clothing line that transcends time and space.

      • Alate

        lol, you win this round Japan!! *waving arm in anger*
        … now.. may I have one?

  • Nomimono

    I was thinking "Meh" until I realized the practical applications in #5…

  • Tim

    I want the vacuum shirt, where could i buy it?

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  • dude

    where can i buy these shirts any links to the website?

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  • lauralsweet

    They also made them for dogs!
    Learn more about the designers behind the Shikisai interactive t-shirts and about the interactive t-shirts here:

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