Nicole Scherzinger, ya know I think she could be somebody someday (26 Photos)

  • Tony

    Worth a squirt

  • chrisdg74

    Four words – Om nom nom nom.

  • chris


  • Nomimono

    She would totally be my girlfriend.

    You know…if not for those stupid anti-stalking laws.

  • mklane232

    shes hott don't get me wrong. But she reminds me a lot of kim kardashian, and that kind of ruins it for me. anyone else get that vibe?

    • Beldar

      I was going to say something along those same lines, and the Kardashian girls just don't do it for me, at all.

      • top dog

        Well she don't do it for me either but, she can do it to me if she want.

    • PurpleShades

      Yeah but unlike those ungodly spawns of satan Nicole has talent. And a lot of it :D!

      • Nateb123

        I don't know about talent but she's at least a nice person. The Kardashians are just terrifying morons.

  • orion11

    she is way hotter than the kardashian's. She has a hell lot more sex appeal to her without the rediculously big ass. and an amazing stomach and tits

    • Beau

      Say all you want about being hotter than the kardashians, but don't start talkin smack about big asses now. You'll get some fire reigned down upon thee for certain.

      • its_forge

        The Kardashians' bottoms are all way, way too big. Big booty is nice but those women are like old timey cartoons.

  • Spiderpig615


    • jim bob'ed ur momma

      Agreed. She definately has me "Puffy" in my loins.

  • Joeyk

    I'll admit it, I watched the whole damn season of dancing with the stars because of her. Hot as hell

  • top dog

    She is somebody, somebody that I would love to meet…and do a few other things that most youngsters don't know about….yet. HUNGRY!! Look at that booty!, I'll bet they told her to turn around in #15 so the the world can get a shot of it.

  • JDT

    words can't describe her sex appeal only the carnal urge I feel in my loins while gazing at her beauty…fire woman

    • Tiger's Wood

      Did you get that directly from your girlfriend's "romance" novel?

  • Lev

    Agreed, one of those "but she'd like me if she just got to know me" situations.

  • P-90

    I prefer Kimberly Wyatt from the PCD's, when she's not dressed crazy she is actually beautiful.

  • wilee

    she's been a long time fav of mine. facken hotter than a snakes belly in Houston

  • The real D. Nozzle

    she has a great ass but I cannot get behind her fake breasts. would the females of the world just please stop with that? They already sell blow up dolls, and, frankly, they are more appealing than a set of fake tits on an obnoxious girl.

    • top dog

      Youuuuuu can't tell real tits from fake tits can you?

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Can we trade this for another Alyssa Milano post….I like em short!!!

    • chrisdg74

      I like 'em short too. I prefer the term petite. My wife's 5'3"(I'm 6'0"). But, at 5'5", I would hardly turn Nicole down.

  • Htownpunk

    She's definitely pretty enough, the problem is that you can tell from every single interview she gives, that she has the personality of lobotomy patient.

  • Walt Banger

    she could shit right in my fuckin hand.

  • Joel

    Whoever is banging her is a f***in hero!

    • Jason Cope

      That would be F1 race car driver Lewis Hamilton. She is in the paddocks at every race and they certainly give her plenty of airtime.

  • papsmeer ribbon

    Kardashian or her?

  • Jake

    and for the fact that she's dating Lewis Hamilton…

  • Andrei V.

    She was allot hotter when she was dating hamilton. But she's ok, i still definitely would.

    • Andrei V.

      a lot* … sorry. so embarrassed.

  • cometome

    Not doin it for me on the screen, but I'm sure if she walked by right now I'd develop a case of sexual tourette's

  • northerner

    Hey, she's great! Lovely face, legs, figure, awesome tush! And her boobs aren't huge….nice!

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  • its_forge

    Lovely lady, glad to know those pics I've been seeing of her weren't pictures of Kardashians. And I've seen her in interviews too and she's very superficial and really couldn't care less about what kind of impression she makes as regards her intellect or personality – but the Kardashians are all far worse. There's a very wide gulf between "superficial Hollywoodian" and "ignorant slut."

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