Car crashes that beg the question, “how did they do that?” (31 Photos)

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  • Bill

    Oh, yeah. . . alchohol

  • Ulysses

    Many photos are from Russia

  • Merovingian

    #13, the reason not to use a phone while driving..

  • Pedant

    Dude you need to look up what "beg the question" means.


    Dumb ass.

    • Semper

      I clicked on this specifically to see if anyone else was upset by the improper use of this phrase. Thanks.

  • Gandalf..

    Whatever u say, all of 'em are WINS..!!

  • yamama

    # 8 resulted in the death of Mask from Tapout…street racing

    • drootire

      he wasn't street racing it was some drunk dude with prior dui's who slammed into him. sad none the less. he was a great supporter and pioneer of the sport.

  • Steve

    #26 – When you see it you'll shit…… oh wait a minute…

  • Mike

    #31 was at Midway Airport in Chicago in winter of 2005. I was flying out of Ohare the same day. Huge snow storm. Plane at Midway, which is right in the middle of a neighborhood skidded off the runway and in to an intersection hitting a few cars. A little boy in that one shown was killed.

  • bob

    half naked hot women…. they go with every theme

  • bob

    half naked hot women….. they go with every theme.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    7, "dude, that was epic"
    10, eh hem…you're blocking the car

  • Guest

    # 30 is Jillian Beyor… google her… 😉

    • yup

      Definitely an accident that may happen to me.

    • youdummy

      she's fun to look at


    #10 & #30… i don't see cars in those pictures… that sucks…..

  • northerner

    Yeah, #30. Nice injection of beauty in the face of carnage. Needed.

  • Cheeze

    Actually, more than half of these have pretty believable explanations, I’m sure..

  • Not again

    #31, I hate it when planes hog all the good parking spaces…

  • jeffroe

    #15 which jackass tried to cut the other one off? Serves him right, no way to talk his way out of this one trapped in there!

  • jeffroe

    #8 Ferrari's guarantee always comes through. No matter how many pieces you tear it up into, the Prancing Horse is guaranteed to still be visible or they give you a new sticker!

  • conrick

    Great collection !

  • Bdrizzle

    I'd be happy to crash into #30 intentionally any day

  • http://Yahoo Gbenga

    All your pics are bomb shell.


    Crazy bad car crashes : theTHROTTLE

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