In keeping with this week’s theme of making fun of Asians… (24 photos)

  • greenerblues

    You so crazy!

  • Pinchy


  • wickity whack

    I can’t wait to see all the protest posts from all the pansies that are sure to come.

  • Vince

    normal stuff 0.o

  • OneClownShoe

    I like MXC.

  • Random

    First !! More of #13 plz

  • Random

    More of #13 plz

    • QWERTY

      More green dude? something went terribly, terribly wrong with you..

  • Beltes

    #13…告诉我! (Call me!)

  • bigBLACKguy

    damn chinks

  • Jonathan

    Why are we making fun of #12 again?

    • MrVister

      Because she looks like a retard

  • HellHath NoFury

    10 Step away from the Skyline.

    • Mark Zimmermann

      #1 – tat's wht she said…

  • Nelson

    #1 is a great "photobomb" pic.

  • Nelson

    #12 is a hottie!!

  • Gandalf..

    #10 – Asian PETA..?? 😉

  • Kjellupa

    #6 I see London, I see France…

  • iDONTgetIT

    i saw nothing strange or weird at all in this post…

  • Mark Zimmermann

    That scared the crap outta me….

  • Htownpunk

    No seriously, what the fuck is wrong…….oh, just forget it already!

  • Son of Dad

    Is #20 from MXC / Takeshi's Castle?

  • northerner


  • roberto robot

    these are disgusting

  • guest

    #13 – The rare double derp.

  • yourmum,Leo

    Japanese ppl 's not from Asia

  • guest228

    Hey all these people are Japanese, don't blame this madness on us other asians 😆

    • Tessa

      I agree. These Japanese folks are really crazy! That's what you get from isolating yourself for two and a half centuries.

  • hornybastard

    need me some wooden shoes

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