In keeping with this week’s theme of making fun of Asians… (24 photos)

  • RustyJones

    What's funny w/ #23? Those are "geta" – traditional Japanese footwear. I saw them all the time when I was living over there. Would you make fun of Americans for wearing Zooba striped sweatpants? You would? Okay, then – carry on.

  • Panzerschrek

    Freeking not awesome.

  • chiveless

    hey you should make fun of blacks and then jews! oh wait, that would be racist…aholes

  • its_forge

    This whole thing is stupid. As if people from other places don't do weird crap. How about let's post some still frames from a couple of years' worth of Jerry Springer?

    Also, the woman in #1 has a marvelous chest.

  • Wicked Clown


  • lolz

    Nukes can have very long lasting effects.

  • know your audience

    Chive – have you not noticed that when you have hot asian chicks or anything asian really, it's not really well received by the crowd here. Clearly there were some asian chicks who were hotter than some of the busted up blonds you had up but the racist demographic of your site preferred the ugly blonds over hot asian.

    So thanks for fueling the asian hatred.

  • mike stice

    I am married to an Asian. She is Chinese. I think that those who choose to be funny looking ANYWHERE are acceptable. I only hope this does not lower opinions about our neighbors’s intelligence–those across the across the P. pond. This world is shrinking very quickly; what you bark today might hound you tomorrow.

  • Gh0stly

    They no how to party!

  • ...

    Nothing is funny. Wtf is this?

  • jane

    oh come on, it's only fair now we have a make fun of white people week.

  • Not Asian

    I love how it's socially acceptable to make fun of Asians… but make fun of another group (Blacks, Hispanics) and you're a racist.

  • Always Last


  • Retired Navy

    Guess the nuclear fallout from 1945 is still having effects.

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