Solving a bee problem (16 Photos)

  • Cristi Palincas

    Did he not have a hairspray and a lighter? 😀 Much more personal that way.

    • Steve

      I don't think that is enough artillery for that many bees.

  • Lokoumi

    Wow, what a sadistic f**k.

  • HellHath NoFury

    You're supposed to suck them into a vacuum, stick the hose in your annoying neighbor's car window and press 'Blow'.

    • Cade

      Or make a bee bikini for himself

      • HellHath NoFury

        Oooh, swelling in unfortunate places!

        • mikethecarpenter

          no thats where every guy needs some extra swelling, in your neighbors case, maybe a lot of swelling.

      • Son of Dad

        Of course you meant to say 'bee-kini'.

    • Robert Logan

      Will you marry me? or add on facebook. Pleeeeeeese?? I promise I´m not a psycho/rapist or anything like that 😀

  • tommybhoy

    Take a bow my son! Take a bow…

  • queen b

    save the bees

  • Mystery Solved

    Is this guy the reason Bees are disappearing????

  • Cade

    LOL. He kills bees for fun

  • no1mini

    hahaha! nice throw with the metal bar. surely you had to run like fuck if the swarm came out to bust yo' ass 😛

  • Anders

    What an asshole! The bees would have left if he had just waited! Bee colonies often make temporary stops and then move on to build a nest elsewhere. Bees are protected because they're dying out.
    I don't know if you've noticed, but bees pollinate plants, no pollination = no plants = no food.

    • ACC

      Shut up

    • Westy

      temporary or not, if I see that shit in my backyard they all are going to die. FUCK BEES!

      • GrAnnY DanGer

        It usually is temporary when they can't find the queen the colony moves. half those bees are just KO'd from the smoke… that's what's used to sedate them

    • vince

      Friggin' beehugger…

      • BugHunter

        Wow.. imagine a world without bees. No food you fucking idiots! I'm in pest control and even I don't kill bees doing that! Asshole.

  • Moi

    He probably just meant to smoke them out, that's the normal way to get bees to move on without killing them. If i'd set up that fire I wouldn't have guessed that the flames would get so high.

  • dw55

    nah, just blow the vuvuzela and they'll kill themselves

  • Luna

    Oh what the fuck ever. You people who keep saying what he is doing is bad…if you had children and there were bee's all over there swing set you would get rid of them too. You might not do that,but you would call someone. Stop being so damn self-righteous and go save a rain forest or something.
    The mere fact that your using technology makes you a hypocrite you moron! Now unplug your laptop and go green!

    • Ron

      Well said! I would get rid of them as well, probably not the same way as this guy but my child is more important than bees.

      • femtrooper

        Or he could have smoked them out, and not killed them and they would have went away.. And if hes that willing to completely torch the swing set I dont think hes too concerned about his kids playing on it.

    • Sonja

      Call a beekeeper, he will come and pick them up and pay for them with honey. When they are our in the open they are very gentle

    • kidgeroni

      Uhh what the hell are you talking about?

      There's a big difference between doing something for a purpose and doing something for the shit of it. Plus you contradict yourself like 3 times, BRAVO Luna.

    • Russ

      If I had kids and there were bees all over the swing set i don't know if i would have set the swing set on fire. it looks like quite a bit of damage. "Okay kids. bees are gone. go play on the swings!" But i'm sure your right since i like rain forests and computers.

    • zipline

      There is a difference between calling someone, as you yourself offer as a solution, and burning them.

      And saving the rain forest is a good idea. Glad you support that. You must be a closet greenie at heart.

      And it's "you're" not "your."

      All that aside, why are you so angry? It sounds like you have a toxic life. (Which is a comment that will probably make you angry and you will want to reply in a nasty way – which will just prove my point.)

    • Jimmy

      lets make babies

    • A Noi U

      When I have children I will teach them about bees, See I'm not a dumbass. I am familiar with the way of the bee and know how to behave in their presence and not get stung. A trick I will pass on to my child.

      Killing all bees because one might have stung you in the past is an act of ignorance and disturbing to see in people. You may as well say "A dog bit me, kill all dogs." or "A cat scratched me kill all cats." If we start killing a species because one of them injured a human there wouldn't be anything but humans left. At least until someone starts killing everyone who hurt them personally and leads to the logical conclusion of a culture of one really bad ass pit fighter. Who would probably kill their-self minutes after ridding the world of all possible harm because they couldn't stand the loneliness.

      We live in a crazy world. There are wolves, badgers, crazy aunts and politicians and no matter how much we don't like them we don't kill them.
      We learn how to live with them. OR you could be like Bee Man and just kill them.

  • rspar


  • stafferty


    • Boris

      It is not a partial chassis. It is an add on hitch for a truck/suv. Get it right.

  • shh-wing


  • juan

    ur fucking sad,st

  • Jon

    MORON, bee colonies are failing all over the world and this idiot decides to wipe out the next generation. Get an education you idiot, when they swarm they are looking for a new home that's why your ass didn't get completely wacked, they didn't have anything to defend. Fucking idiots who kill just to kill.

    • Jason R. Smith


      At what point do people think they have they have the knowledge and wisdom to decide "what may live and what may die?"

    • peter


    • Htownpunk

      Waaaaah! If there's one thing I can't stand is somebody who tells everybody else to "educate" themselves when they do something that THEY personally disagree with. I mean seriously, do you expect us all to believe that you have your doctorate in Apiology or something? I've learned that most of the time when somebody throws out the "E" word, it's just code for "you're stupid because you don't see things MY way." Guess what Jon, some people like hunting, driving SUV's, keeping their thermostats at 68 degrees, eating red meat, and killing bees that threaten their families, and there's not a fucking thing you can do about it; so suck it up.

      • Tone

        well said…fuck them bees and that swing set

    • Terry

      F the bees. I work for BP and we dont give a crap about nature

  • uberbrie

    I'm sorry it has to be said…now thats a BeeBQ…hardy har har

    • pablo

      Not funny. This isn't unlike someone torching a den of field mice. Would that be 'LOL' funny? I have kids and bee hives in my back yard. They co-exist. We get honey and honey-wine, the bees do their thing. And when bees swarm like that, they're in their most docile state; they're not a threat.

      I'm pretty sure that the bees contribute more to society than this ass. This should be removed from the site, or reclassified in the Douchebag section. Dude is far from a "winner". Maybe spend your next afternoon fixing up that swing set.

      • HellHath NoFury

        I love bees. Hell,i even have a box of bees on my property. But I'll be crying for them when they sting some allergic person. Save the people!

      • uberbrie

        If you want to continue to talk about "real issues" get off The Chive

  • @rte148

    Reload the bee cannon

  • Palin Comparison

    I wonder what the poster was for originally. Looks like a Middle School science project.

  • Sonja

    and he looks like a fuckwit to boot. If he had called a beekeeper he would have been paid. Weeeelll what goes around comes around, we can but hope.

    • comcast

      Agree. I posted below before I read your comment.

      We said the same thing, I was just a bit more graphic. You said it better.

      And I forgot that a beekeeper would have paid him. You're correct in that.

  • deumass

    Man people are stupid. We got assholes like this, and people cheering him on "DERP DERP full of winn! DERP!" Wiki "Colony collapse disorder" you stupid fucks. "But I dun care bout no stoopid bees derp"

    —Colony collapse is economically significant because many agricultural crops worldwide are pollinated by bees.

    • Friend of Deumass

      i have turned in my plastic zip lock baggies and freezers. No longer will I kill bees simply because they sting my dog (he swells up because he is allergic and it is kind of funny…) However I take no side to this argument going on, I just wanted to say thank you mr. mass for saving me the Google search to wikipedia or any other website that could have told me the definition of colony collapse. That extra 7 seconds you saved me will now be used to watch internet porn. Or something else I could be doing that is more interesting than you.

  • lucy

    what an idiot

  • Gandalf..

    Could have instead sold that house to PETA..

    • Gandalf..

      I wonder what smoked bees taste like..Honey dew Cigarette?

      • top dog

        Awww no, they taste like chicken. Seriously though, I would have called somebody to get the bees for me, I like honey too much to kill honeybees. Wasps or hornets, thats a different story, I'd fire on em at will.

  • Brandon

    What does throwing a trailer hitch at them accomplish other than pissing them off?

    • Tone

      pissing them off will suffice..

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