Solving a bee problem (16 Photos)

  • kidgeroni

    Just gonna say…

    What really makes a person better than a bee? We're smarter?

    Well I guess were all worth a lot more than retarded people too. Oh yeah that's right you can abort a Down's Syndrome fetus/baby legally after the deadline of legality. (If I'm off on that sry in advance) Pretty fucked up.

    • HellHath NoFury

      You're right about the abortion thing. However, next time i need to whack a bee, I'll be expecting you to jump in front of it, slow-mo, screaming 'noooooooo'.

  • Phoenix

    Next time i ll get a grenade launcher for them !!

  • odakat

    bees = food, no bees = no food
    some one would have come and gotten theses bees for free or would have paid him for the swarm. what a douche ….

  • comcast

    Stupid. He could have spent 2 minutes on the phone calling a bee expert, who would have come and easily taken the bees away (alive). I've seen this done. It's really cool to watch, and the bees don't sting.

    Instead, he goes to all this effort to kill them, just so he could be on the internet. What an ass.

    If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I hope he comes back as a bee and is burned alive, while the rest of the hive escape, fly up in the sky, and form the words "f*ck you".

    • Birdie

      Well, bees do sting to be honest but they die after they sting.

  • Mel

    LOL He burned the swing seat up. At least he got rid of the bees.

  • NoOne

    I've never heard of anyone doing anything for free. The last time I called a beekeeper about a hive in my backyard, they charged me $100. And then they came out and _killed_ the bees.

    • top dog

      That wasn't a bee keeper, that was an exterminator.

    • cal

      A beekeeper would collect them and pay you. An exterminator would kill them and take your money. 100%. And an exterminator would not tell you to call a beekeeper. He would prefer you giving him money than someone else giving you honey/money for picking them up.

    • yourefullosh..

      You're full of shit.

  • Simon

    Stolen from:

    And it's so much worse here without the text =(

    • HellHath NoFury

      And it's so much better without your loyalist whining.-

  • buddy

    Those are wasps…not honey bees, so keep killing!

    • cal

      nope 100% bees

  • Jimbob

    Having seen Bee Movie over 10 times, and thoroughly enjoyed it every time, I am deeply saddened by this horrifying act of bee genocide, personally I would have joined them on the swing and played happily, a bee stinging you is like a kiss from a bee, don't you think? I love bees, they must have hurt so much what with their advanced nervous systems and whatnot…

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    No more honey in your pancakes, asshole

  • cal

    I have 21 bee hives, so the pictures make me pretty sad/anrgy. Sure I get stung now and again, but if you can't take a bee sting you are really a weaner (unless you are allergic). I colony can collect 60lbs of honey a year, and can be sold for about 150 dollars if it is a big one.
    I guess these guys did not know any better and didn't think about what their options were long enough to figure out a beekeeper would pay to remove them.
    All the people thinking thats cool – thats just ignorance. In China there are places so poisoned they have to pollinate trees by hand. You don't want to go that way, so reflect on the world you live in better.

  • Steve


  • Elaine

    Humanity needs bees! They pollinate the plants we need to live. Without bees we’d all starve.

    A bee keeper would have been pleased to take them away alive. This saddened me. It’s just plain ignorance.

  • Jimbob

    Fuck bees…

    • Nick

      I was gonna write that.

  • The Goat

    Jimbob is right, fuck bees…

  • george

    leave the bees alone
    and get a job
    if that swarm was a dog or a cat maybe you had to do with the law . every body likes dogs and cats
    but the bees who cares right?
    just a tiny bug
    some people needs desperately honey bees to produce food
    bees are important ,respect them.



  • chris

    you people saying that he could have just called a beekeeper and they would have paid him to take them away. Read his post at :

    he states:
    "The neighbor called a bee removal company and they said they wouldn't come out unless we paid a hefty fee, but he did recommend waiting until dark and go buy some stuff from Home Depot and squirt them with it and that should kill them off."
    although he may not have called a beekeeper him and the neighbors obviously tried to get of the bees some other besides killing them. the professionals actually TOLD him to kill the bees.

    not to mention safety was an issue:
    "I am visiting my family in Florida for the holidays. I was chillin at my sister's house when we looked out back and noticed a swarm of honeybees congregating on their swingset. There are a lot of kids around, including my sister's 3 kids. They were inside at the time, fortunately." AND "Did I mention [my brother] is severely allergic to bees?"

    • beeline

      Chris, yeah he called an exterminator. Not a beekeeper. He also states many times he regrets killing them later. No beekeeper would ever say exterminate them. Thats about as likely as Palin promoting abortion. You didnt read that much odviously.

  • Steve

    Awesome. That douche (and all the ones most likely that will retort to my comment) know that bees are actually going somewhat extinct? The best thing would have been to call a f*cking beekeeper, not gas the whole lot.

  • Beau

    Who would've thought some douche getting rid of bees in his backyard would spawn such a serious debate on thechive?

    Since I am not well versed in bee killing/prevention/protection/general knowledge, I will move on to other posts on thechive comprised primarily of boobies.

  • Sgtreddawg

    Many a beekeeper would have came over and removed them for free. Bees swarming like this aren't a threat to anybody. They don't have anything to defend. And that crap about worrying about the kids, half the crap on the swing was gone anyway. I think he just thought he was being Billy-Bad-Ass.

  • Bees Knees

    What a dip sh*t! The swarm was not dangerous as it was surrounding the queen while looking for a new home. Any bee keeping society would have come out to collect the swarm for free as purchasing bees can be very expensive!!!

  • Kate

    Chive should post something about how bees are dying out. COME ON, Chive. It's not that hard. Post a little fyi for people.

  • justin

    Too all you fucking dipshits that say bees pollinate our food, your all fucking retarded. The food we eat; wheat ,corn, soy for example, are all pollinated by humans, the only fucking thing bees pollinate are flowers, and weeds. Please fact check before you get up on your fucking soapboxes and start ranting about how we need bees to live. I am not advocating the destruction of bees, but what if this guy's kid(s) came screaming in the house covered in bee stings? I would have burned the nest down too.

    • calum

      Justin what school did you attend, I'd sue them for lettin your ignorant ass ever leave. Apples, cherries, maize, almonds, sunflower, strawberries, oranges, hell all of the fruits & I cant be bothered listing the rest, even my 5 year old daughter knows that. Read a book or learn to google before you spread the shit swimming about in your head

  • Dee

    Too bad he didn't set himself on fire.
    Honey bees in a swarm are harmless and hardly a danger to anyone.

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