Solving a bee problem (16 Photos)

  • Guest

    This was originally a Something Awful thread several years ago.

  • Tiger

    These photos were stolen from a thread on their forums a few years ago. I like how "The Chive" stuck their logo all over them like they have the rights to them. At least own up and post where you got them. Give credit.

  • k3tamin

    I suppose people don’t seem to realize how harmless swarms of bees are, or just ignorant? I’ve caught plenty of swarms, even without a beesuit. Why can’t people just enjoy this natural phenomenon of the honey bee rather than take every opportunity possible to destroy things?

  • shanna

    i feel sorry for the bees…he clda made another plan 😦


    Now thats how you debate with bees 16 photos.. Dandy 🙂

  • blake

    epic… truly

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