• garp

    …rock that pyjama top lil dude

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    prom date king or another kid with a 100.000.000 views video in youtube.

  • Caca

    That kids eardrums were about to bust. Oh well, a deaf prom king is much more baller.

  • Ammoman23

    Great, his brain will be much by the time he hits school!

  • waste of time

    one of the dumbest posts I've seen on here, who cares?

  • top dog

    That shit was so loud I had to turn it down. I can only imagine the effect it had on the kids ears.

  • NiteStlker

    That was effin retarded. LAAAAAAAAME. You suck, dad.

  • GoodSong

    I want to know what the song is! Kid's a badass to like this kind of music at his age!

    • meh

      yea ok dad

  • Joeyk

    Well at least he'll have two options on bring your dad to school day..

  • ShutYoMouth

    THE best. He gets it.


    i've seen kids funnier than he….

  • Anonytim


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225731219 HellHath NoFury

    I'd be making the same face if I had to listen to what sounds like a dumpster with broken wheels being dragged across a parking lot.

    • bob

      what does that sound like?

    • its_forge

      Really. I like me some electronica (Crystal Method, Massive Attack) but that was CRAP.

  • Dale


  • taiyed

    i don't get you posters.. the kid's making a face that fits right with the music when it breaks loose. He obviously feels it.

  • Ken

    Looks like he crapped his diaper to me and they just dubbed in the screeching crap later.

  • Frenchgirl

    the "fred on dubstep" one is actually better and cutter

  • Crazybreakneckspeed

    Anyone else scared that this kid is in a car seat in the front and not back…needless to say bad parenting and horrible taste in music!

  • Bryyyyyyyan

    So you put a soundtrack to your kid taking a crap. Good work.

  • Clat1

    im not sure, but i think that kid was taking a dump, not dancing

  • Kent

    Shitty British dubstep trash music.

  • ProbablyAGoodIdea

    Some one slipped baby fred some ecstacy in the milk bottle didnt they? tsk tsk parents. Any smart parent would have known to give the baby molly. Come on.

  • Jenny

    lol… it's funny the way he just starts dancing like that with the face as soon as the beat kicks in…

  • dede

    hes deaf. hes signing for more. which is pretty cool he feels the bass. thats whats up.

  • Sanna


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