To serve and procrastinate (24 Photos)

  • InfoWarrior007

    Now wonder the criminals can outrun the city cops. I wonder when these buggers are going to get Hoverrounds…

    Ah, and here I sit without my harpoon. THAR SHE BLOWS! Especially the one with the deep-fried turkey leg munching away.

    I know these pics are of a minority of cops, but really, once they get to be that big, they should be taken off foot duty and placed on desk duty. They won't do anybody any favors if they are having to pursue criminals on the street. And as for firing their guns while out on the street, the odds of hitting a bystander are too great. In fact cops do not ever want to unholster their guns if they don't have to. There are some trigger-happy ones, sure, but the majority prefer to come out of a confrontation with everybody alive and all their bullets unfired.

  • angry in adk


  • Underhill

    I was unaware that police uniform pants came in 7X+ sizes.

  • Anomanom

    Oh it's great to be a government employee. Even if you're literally physically incapable of doing your job, you won't get sacked. It's something I aspire to someday.

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