A few Gifs to help start this week’s slackin’ off

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  • sue

    I hope the loser in #6 got what was coming to him/her…..asshole….

  • Ken

    The kid in #4 has "the fire down below."

    Let me guess, the guy in #6 was starving and had a radical craving for bull moose steaks? I understand the challenge of hunting but I don't get the enjoyment of killing an animal like that. It's just minding its own business, trying to get by like the rest of us. They live here to. I don't get it.

    Who else wants to freeze frame the chick on the slide?

    The kid with the fish is great.

  • Don

    Where can I find the video of kid and fish?

  • dumdum

    I'm not against hunting, either… but i love how knowitall hunters and gun owners have to get all technical on your internet posting ass about what caliber, inches, displacement, shot placements fuckall whenever someone brings it up. Dorks.

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