Miri Buhadana: blond or brunette? (9 photos)

If you don’t know Miri Buhadana, this site does.

  • mikethecarpenter

    There are no comments posted yet. Be the first one! this is the whole problem, But really #2 and #6 made me forget where i was and that i have to go back to my cold sad life. but she is hot enough to keep me wishing that she would snuggle with me on the cold winter nights

  • Billy

    Brunette. Blonds look weird with dark eyebrows.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=527027109 Elleny Mitchell

    Brunette without a doubt

    • HellRazer


    • aleXTC


  • Bizarrobear

    • someguy

      only 63 % for "naked" ??? WTF !!

      • Shai


    • Shai


  • http://thechive.wordpress.com/ unfairrobot

    I would order one of each, just to be fair.

  • afAF

    blond for sure, she looks average with brunette

  • LiaMMV

    Looks younger brunette.

  • poppajo8

    I'd eat both flavors but the last pic as a brunette FTW!

  • Beldar

    Blonde or brunette? Hell, I'm thinking on top or on bottom. Okay, both.

  • HardCore Mike

    I was looking at the tan lines more than anything else…

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    After pic 9 is there even a choice anymore….BruF'in nette all the way

  • Yourfreakindaddy

    Just on my cock!

  • its_forge

    Honestly? She looks better as a blonde, and I hardly ever say that as I'm not a big fan of the blonde (especially when it's a really bad dye job). But whatever she did or had done to her lips when she went blonde looks fricking awful. She looks like her upper lip is hiding an enormous Sandy Dennis overbite and she never smiles because she's hiding it. Models and other in-front-of-camera people, please, just say no to lip augmentation or if you must, LESS is ALWAYS BETTER. Thank you.

  • http://egotvonline.com/2010/08/09/am-hot-links-for-8-9-10/ AM Hot Links For 8-9-10 | EgoTV

    […] 5. Miri Buhadana: blond or brunette? […]

  • Bud Ugly

    Brunette. Definitely.

  • MynameisJoel

    Brunette, for sure. After pics 6 and 9, it's no question.

  • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    all the blonde shots, she looks like she's trying to do quantum physics.

    brunette, no facial…..expressions.

  • water-lover

    Eskimo Limon movie? anyone?

  • WTF

    With9out a doubt brunette. My wife was blonde for 12 yrs and it took me forever to convince her ot go Brunette. Blondes are a dime a dozen nowadays.

  • ericvdm

    whichever is natural

  • Anonymous


  • bkfrijoles


  • david

    Seriously! who's lookin at hair color with her body smokin like that. Let's see her as a red head!!!

  • northerner

    No choice. Either way she's smokin'…

  • blue zoo

    dang! israeli chicks are freakin hot…

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