More animals I choose not to hate (29 Photos)

  • Ogglr

    Fur babies

  • mikethecarpenter

    #13 moooove dawg #23 best if used before 2012 #9 your kung fu is not strong

  • duh

    the bear is shopped!. its a bear/penguin. (an fyi for the guy who captioned it)

    • WolfP

      Saw that too, there some nice photos with morphed animals, I got one with a rabbit that got the "painjob" of an tiger + tigers backfeet, very cool.

  • Gandalf..

    wooman's.. not man's… 😉

    • HeartUnderTheRose

      Actually, no. I was referring to how much they can fit in their mouths. People obviously didn't get it. Oh well.

  • Brandon

    I want #22

  • papsmeer ribbon

    It's 187 on a muthafu**in' seal!

  • Beau

    #3, MechWarrior ftw. Good times back in the day with those serial joysticks.

  • John

    the ferret centipede

  • Ken

    I wonder if Australians enjoy encouraging tourists to approach and cuddle the cute kangaroos (boomers)? That photo just cracked me up.

    I love animals but monkeys are vile. At least the guy about to be cracked with the stick (show the follow up!) and fella getting dropped kicked didn't have feces thrown on them.

    Loved the X-Generation parakeets.

  • Ken

    "Oh, didn't we tell you? That kangaroo doesn't like to have its picture taken. Sorry."

  • Bryan

    #10 Made me LOL.

  • Shinrahunter

    #29 finally, the ferrets get some love.

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