This is a delicacy somewhere (15 Photos)

Nothing like a little insect sushi to kick-start your bowels in the morning.

  • Fan

    Chive posts at EXACTLY midnight pacific time on weeknights. Just sayin

  • mikethecarpenter

    yeah bugs are a eatable some place, but not in the US, well that last pizza i had was a little crunchy and kinda leggy, maybe i should have tipped the delivery boy.

  • beee

    chinese who else

    • Bruce Lee

      Spoken like a person who has never left his city/town/reality. Sushi is Japanese but I guess it all looks the same to you.

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    I'll stick to raw fish in my sushi, thanks.

    • Brandon

      That's where I draw the line too. No internal organs and no invertebrates.

      • McBeastie

        You're missing out, sea urchin is delicious…pricey, but delicious.

  • fick_ja


  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Somewhere Bear Grills' mouth is watering!!!!! Mine on the other hand, not so much….

  • bigBLACKguy


  • nemesis

    Just killed a big tree roach outside. Having seen what's on the inside of those things, I'll pass.

  • BBAmp

    I got a boner seeing this. Is that weird?

    • Beau

      Yes, yes it is.

      • Mr Henderson

        The fact that Beau's reputation score has gone down 39 points makes me wonder if it's cuz he said yes, yes it is…

        • Beau

          I started out at like -80 a few weeks ago, for some reason.

  • Randy


  • ProbablyAGoodIdea

    I was hungry when started looking at these. I'm still hungry…

  • top dog

    That, look nasty as hell. I don't know if I could eat this even if I was starving to death, I take my chances and kill a ratler snake….with my bare hands.

  • bubble_rider86

    really….yuck…who eats all that rice? really ppl, starchy starch…;)

  • Greg

    I might be able to try a few of them, but there is no way I would be able to do the centipede

  • nameless

    if you eat shrimps you can eat a cricket…

  • Ken



    "You go right ahead, I'm trying to quit."

  • Bacchus

    #13 Yuck, tofu.

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