Girl quits her job on dry erase board, emails entire office (33 Photos)

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We received the following photos last night from a person who works with this girl. Her name is Jenny (not confirmed) - we're working our contact for Jenny's last name. Yesterday morning, Jenny quit her job with a (flash)bang by emailing these photos to the entire office, about 20 employees we're told. Awesome doesn't begin to describe this office heroine. Check back as we will be updating if we get more details.
UPDATE: Jenny's identity revealed! CLICK HERE.

UPDATE: Jenny’s identity revealed! CLICK HERE.
soldiers video Girl quits her job on dry erase board, emails entire office (33 Photos)

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  • Guest

    Maybe Spencer thought she had hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy.

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  • Hannah

    that's hilarious!! well done! I wish i had the guts to do something like that! Something tells me this lady will go far!

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    I'd give you a job any day of the week!

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