The Hobbit village from Lord of the Rings, abandoned and sheep infested (7 Photos)

After filming the 3rd installment of LOTR, the New Zealand government planned to make Hobbiton into a tourist attraction. Instead, the shire was discovered by sheep who inhabit the place today. Kinda sad because it looks like it could be a very cool place to visit. I'd set up a little stand and sell my special meat-flavored cotton candy. I digress...


  • dmoney nz

    it is a tourist attraction, we just have too many sheep in our country (40 million) so we need a place to put them. after a while you forget there everywhere!

    there building the sets for the new hobbit movies too

  • CPO_Mendez

    This is a tourist attraction I would attend… With or without sheep.

  • HellHath NoFury

    Thats so baaadass. *sorry
    I really want to go.

    • Terry Burke

      it would be so awesome to go see that

  • Shelbert

    The exact number of sheep however, is not known. Whenever they try to count them they end up falling asleep.

    • James


    • Monk


  • dw55

    is a sheep bigger than a hobbit ??????????

  • Smeagol

    Smeagol remembers the shire fondly…

  • McBeastie

    I thought the entire country was sheep infested.

  • mattythegooch

    Those sheep are so…………..PRECIOUS!! (sorry, but I had to)

  • luke

    Because Fuck You future archaeologists!

  • Lisa

    This info is so dumb and wrong. This land near Matamata in New Zealand was always a working sheep farm that was hired for the shoot. It's not abandoned, they are currently enlarging the set on the land and building the new buildings for new prequal The Hobbit movie. As well as currently putting back the imported hedges, trees, gardens, set dressing etc, they take tourists through every day which is obviously where these pics came from. I was there only a few months ago. They let you feed a lamb too! I can really recommend the tour if you visit NZ, it's a gorgeous place. Once filming starts the tours will stop.

    • McBeastie

      theChive has no use for facts.

  • Errorist

    Abandoned, but very well maintained.

  • Kmuzu

    New Zealand .. where the men and men, the hobbits are hobbits and the sheep are neverous

  • FinalFantasy

    I have read an article that they're planning to create a Lord of the Rings theme park. Well this place alone is more than a theme park. Might not be full of adventures, but such a cozy place to relax and roam around. Even the hobbits surely missed this place. Such an adorable place!

  • yup

    How hard is it to kick the fucking sheep out?

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