Who knew watermelons could be so versatile? (29 Photos)

  • CPO_Mendez

    TOTORO!!!! I've never seen fruit full of this much win before…

  • MeLoveYouLongTime

    I don't always eat melon, but when I do it's watermelon. Stay hungry my friends.

  • Kent

    #8 looks like Hugo Chavez.

    • Brandon

      Or how the Japanese were drawn in the American WWII propaganda cartoons.

  • Honkey_Kong

    Cant it also be carved for use in strategic ejaculatory purposes??? Just wondering

    • dw55

      your mind is sick

      • Honkey_Kong

        Yes, yes it is…and i have the clinical paperwork that agrees with you….Now i must go finish my watermelon carving. I shall call it poonmelon

  • timmy

    What this post is missing is Lucy Pinder holding her versatile melons.

    • Honkey_Kong

      Or Lucy Pinder holding Michelle Marsh's honeydews

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