A word from Jenny (16 Photos)

We couldn’t have pulled this one off without the help of this adorable young woman. You’ll see in the coming days she’s as smart as she is sexy. Leo and I will now return to our bottles of Jim Beam and enjoy the rest of this wild ride…

Chive On,


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  • Ben Tydears

    Fercrisakes lighten up, people. Yeah, I was a bit disappointed to be told it was a hoax, but … not only do I STILL think she's a HOPA, I now also think she's a pretty good model and actress. She had all the appropriate facial expressions down perfectly!

    Great hoax, great chick. And to all you people who are going to criticize me for saying she's a HOPA, get a life. Or a man. Goodonya, Elyse! Hope you do well!

  • Ben Tydears

    Correction … HPOA, not HOPA. Whatever, one hot and talented chick! BOOM BOOM

  • ATC

    it is a little pointless….

  • http://www.mashceleb.com Andrew

    Whatever, I think the girl is very funny, good luck, see you in tv or movie someday!

  • Jennifer

    Thought someone finally had some balls.. guess not!

  • dave

    I can't find an IMDB.com listing for her.

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  • Droidster

    Great Job Give ~ Elyse ~ terrific look go far !

  • Aimee Fant

    I have a parody lined up for this~I want to do a repose frame by frame here…Any advice? Help. It is urgent!

  • yer mom

    F A I L

  • Jenny

    how do you act in still pictures? you're proud of yourself because you fooled people? smh

  • Don

    HPOA for sure

  • Anonymous


  • NutJob

    What a waste of time and space. Proud to publish a hoax? Thanks for joining the ranks of people like, uh- THE BALOON BOY DAD! Stupid. All to write an egotist, self inflating Internet scheme about how hot you are. You’re not. And an actress? Funny, you suck. Maybe you ought to take your sucking and wannabe acting career to the porn industry, since they are all B fleet merchandise anyway! Cottage cheese thighs and a face not worth looking at twice, along with your mothers Jean shorts will make you go far. Just like everything these days, fake. Most every “reality tv show” is fake too. No wonder nobody is trusted anywhere.

    • Anonymous

      You’re obviously a fag

  • Monica

    Bummer! I was SO happy to see girl power at its most vindictive. 🙂
    I'm sad that we only see it in a Hoax.

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  • Geoff

    Great job Elyse! …. and you're as cute as a bean too!! Your expressions are so infectious, that one just has to smile along with you.

  • iBoL

    … still a HOPA

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  • justme

    Gave me some great inspiration. thanks!

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