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We couldn’t have pulled this one off without the help of this adorable young woman. You’ll see in the coming days she’s as smart as she is sexy. Leo and I will now return to our bottles of Jim Beam and enjoy the rest of this wild ride…

Chive On,


  • ERic



    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…and where will we see you next?? write to calleric@aol.com.

  • Robert

    Miss Elyse Porterfield is stunningly pretty; but the nicest thing about her is her smile.

    I wish her luck in her acting career!

  • Guest

    Being a full time photographer i knew those photos were staged, which goes to show you that most of what your read and see on the internet is bullshit, especially the shit that comes out of the USA.

  • Tracie

    awww. she's pretty! she reminds me a bit of Alyson Michalka in the last pic.

    • Brittany

      Great Hoax. That is an awesome way to quit all smiles lol this made my day.

  • Duffy

    This made my day!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1799883325 Hector Morales

    U have become everyone's office hero!!! Good job…

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  • Jim K

    Too good to be real, good job, but you suck.

  • Bob

    Did anyone notice how she did it all wrong with "HOPA" then as she defines it out its "HPOA"

  • Mandy

    hoax or not this could start a trend in the way people choose to quit a job! lol:*

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  • Me-Here

    Hoax or not, it was a lot of fun! I thought Elyse did a great job! In fact, I thought she was hilarious! Potential comedic talent? And so what if she's an attention whore? That's how young actresses – or any kind of performer – gets jobs. Good for her! YES it takes talent to become a true actress, but it also takes catching "someone's" eye just to give your talent a chance to be seen & tested (+ training & experience, and maybe some natural gift). I hope she has caught "someone's" eye with this stunt. It's a tough business to break into and I, for one, think she has potential. And she's a cutie-pie!. Best of luck to Elyse!

  • Bob

    You're still a HOPA!

  • guest

    I thought this was funny, but in the back of my head I was struggling with the place it was taken and the fact that the letters were rearranged. It seems plausable this could happen, but was disappointed that it was a hox. Will not spend anymore time on this web site…..how many others are not true!

  • Phere

    I was happy to see a sexist jerk get nailed by someone that didn't deserve what she got. I actually pulled this off another friends FB that has had this happen and is in a lawsuit at this time for the same thing. So in reality, this prank is an unkind rip on the real innocents that you have just bamboozled. Shame Shame Shame. And if you believe what I just said, you too have been bamboozled.. Which just goes to show you, this crap never stops.

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  • Ben Tydears

    Fercrisakes lighten up, people. Yeah, I was a bit disappointed to be told it was a hoax, but … not only do I STILL think she's a HOPA, I now also think she's a pretty good model and actress. She had all the appropriate facial expressions down perfectly!

    Great hoax, great chick. And to all you people who are going to criticize me for saying she's a HOPA, get a life. Or a man. Goodonya, Elyse! Hope you do well!

  • Ben Tydears

    Correction … HPOA, not HOPA. Whatever, one hot and talented chick! BOOM BOOM

  • ATC

    it is a little pointless….

  • http://www.mashceleb.com Andrew

    Whatever, I think the girl is very funny, good luck, see you in tv or movie someday!

  • Jennifer

    Thought someone finally had some balls.. guess not!

  • dave

    I can't find an IMDB.com listing for her.

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