Ten hottest Apple girls

In no particular order..

This post was provided to thechive.com courtesy of the smartest guys on the internet, Realitypod.com

  • Guest1

    Pablo, http://www.joyoftech.com/joyoftech/licensing/lice… is the proper place to go to pay the fee for using their cartoon on your site. You are stealing copyrighted material on http://www.unblogged.net/its-not-you-its-me/

    Cast not the first stone.

    • Trashlove

      Tooooo bad Pablo. I thought you were the good guy
      Chilx….Lets share the love guys….

      • http://www.unblogged.net PabloS

        I never took credit for that cartoon. I also link the source of the image, and I don't have AdSense taking gainings on content as The Chive does.

        Also, The Chive cropped all the images and put their logo intentionally.

        That's stealing.

    • Merrr

      Everything from thechive.com is stolen, they take half the pictures from sites like izismile.com, they add a watemark and its done.

  • Zoey

    Apple never gets version right. I'm waiting until version 2.

  • Jas


  • Dex

    Sometimes, I don't mind being advertised at.

    Still not going to buy any of it though. You can send all the womens over, and tell them to leave their lil bits of over-priced Eris bearing technology in something they own with pockets… which none of them are wearing… do you see the evil merit to this plan? DO YOU?

  • PandaLegacy

    I failed to see the Apple products in these pictures

  • Cade

    Do they come with the iPod?:D

  • Cade

    #7 looks like Vanessa Williams, which is hot.

  • Dara

    Poor girls, they don't know that all apple users are faggets.



  • muscarius

    they would all look smarter without those Apple garbage items around.

  • Danny


  • will

    Cristina Poetto has that sexy Apple I will kill you look she's #1 drop dead gorgeous.

    Hey Pablo chill out.

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