The shortbus isn’t big enough (20 photos)

  • Vincent Pelletier

    nice dog #7

    • Billy Bob

      STOP POSTING #19!!!

  • sha shizza

    #16 what a bunch of croc

    • boogers

      gator done

    • normal

      it's the fucking diet water that gets me wound up every time they post it!

  • dave

    Who you gonna call?

    Wookie ghostbuster, that's who.

    • Son of Dad

      Wookie ghostbuster… he's gettin' sh*t done!

  • keithp420


  • it's true

    i'm gay

    • boogers

      Great! Now get someone to take a picture of you naked in a bathtub covered in doughnuts and you might be special.

  • thetech2

    it'd be cool to know where the tank was from ?

    • top dog

      Look like a old T-62, You can tell by the dome shaped turret and the external rear mounted fuel tank. It could be from any country that bought em from the old Soviet Union.

      • kater

        I think it's Malaysia. They're dumping old tanks to hopefully lure sea beasties to build reefs or some such, as their shores have less and less marine life. Sea beasties are supposed to not only well there, but also to use deadly force against illegal fishermen and misbehaving divers.

        • boogers

          Now the fish can fight back. Watch your asses illegal fishermen.

  • DaddyD

    Why does #19 seem to appear every other day. It's clearly shopped, and not really that interesting.

    • CaptainInsano

      There's no way that's shopped

    • Del

      Ever watch PeeWee's Big Adventure?

      • Del

        Didnt think so…

    • Foniks

      Of course it's shopped, it's a reference to the grimms fairy tale, the musicians of bremen.

  • hemadraco

    LAME. Seen all these before.

    • mexican

      LAME. Read this before.

    • Insert Name Here

      i agree this one was stupid

  • Gandalf..

    #1 is gross….

  • mattythegooch

    I've alway wondered which Anal Floss is recommended most by proctologists….

  • HAMWa

    #19 is an illusion. It's a hairy knee from a dude off camera

    • Son of Dad

      Da da da daaaaaaaa! it's Captain Obvious! 😉

    • boogers

      Way to ruin it. I was totally turned on by it until you told me the super secret trick. Thanks, my day's ruined.

  • Kyle

    Ok. I just do not understand #10. I mean, I don't really understand any of them… But #10… That one upsets me.

  • Biggus Diccus

    I hope #2 is just homeless and the douchebags aren't starting a new fad like the layers of polo shirts

  • About that...

    Yeah… 18's arm is clearly a guy's leg.

  • MeLoveYouLongTime

    Diet water. Why didn't I think of that

  • ghostbooty

    I believe that tank is a rusted out T-72 with the turret pointed backwards.

    And beware of toilet owls, they're more common that you think.

  • Christophe Courtin

    A Wookie ghostbuster = pure awesome

  • Shane

    Wow I just can't get enough of the diet water pic….please post this every day. Oh my bad, you do.

  • northerner

    #3, ROFLMAO! Actually have heard ladies refer to the thong as such…butt floss. I can see why…

  • Viking

    #13, something that finally made sense today.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    16, Nice gator…however there is also a random blue bikini on the right

    Toilet owl would equal a very, very bad night!!!

  • Ken

    Someone is suffering a really bad case of rectal owls. Anybody who has ever crapped an owl knows that rectal owls are no laughing matter.

  • Tony

    have you ever seen those security camera's (in films) that look like a bird, featured in "the incredibles?" imagine if that owl from #14 was a camera bird?

  • skargarn

    What's the delio with nr 18?

  • zombie

    15 is a ripoff of Banksy

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