All the kings horses and all the kings men still can’t make Hillary Swank hot (6 HQ photos)


  • MPMoore

    I'd buy that for a dollar.

  • Duke

    The (bad?) results are at least partially the fault of the photographer. Looks like s/he didn't put much effort into finding Swank's best angles and features – for instance, how about taking some shots with her mouth closed?

    And, yeah, she does look uncomfortable. Some idiot agent saying, "you gotta be a sex bomb like Kardashian" maybe…

  • 'Merica

    I see there are a lot of homopaths surfing this page today. =/

    • its_forge

      WTF is a homopath

  • fuzzybeard2016

    The photos are unflattering in the extreme. Ms. Swank is an unconventional beauty who happens to be damn smart.

  • nouu

    whats wrong with her? she looks alot better than any of the asian ladyboys that have ever been posted on this site.

  • HellHath NoFury

    She looks incredibly similar to the girl on Stick It.

  • Merovingian

    #5 isn't too bad.

  • a girl poster

    I think she's lovely . . . but she does have a very androgynous face and should run with that look, since it really suits her best. I agree with a prior post that she looks very uncomfortable and that doesn't help the photos. A great actress, tho'.

  • aldeshsa

    She's attractive. These pictures don't do anything for her though.

  • Drizzt

    Who's the fag that came up with this one?

  • Featured Wannabe Dimepiece – Hillary Swank | SNEAKHYPE

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  • anarcrust

    Not sure if want…

  • Rundy

    Shes hot – i dont see any bad qualities to her!

  • MEL

    Not a 10, but she's above a 5 on my scale…
    Seen her in some pics and movies where one minute you thought she was a great looking woman and then the next Not so great? (someone once told me be care full of those type of woman there the one's you in end up falling in love with)
    I would bet if we where to meet her in person that we would see that she is not a bad looking lady at all!

  • pericle

    i would hit that any time of the day

  • Joe Kroger

    I'll bet her pussy is pretty.

  • Hema

    Why does Swank pose like this?? Her face looks warm in pic 4 tho'. But she's not appealing in other pics. Not that she 's bad looking… this kinda poses n bikni stuffs dont suit her.
    She was billiant in the movies like P.S. I love you and million dollar baby. Wish she takes sensible photo shoots that compliments her looks.

  • Sugreev2001

    She's neither here or there,by that I mean she's neither attractive nor is she ugly.Ugly is Sarah Jessica Parker and Attractive is Natalie Portman on my scale.

  • blonde guy

    she is a fine looking woman and damn intelligent !

  • muscarius

    butterface? men, youre more gay than Elton John. She's damn hot, period.

  • Htownpunk

    I've got one word for you…………………fuckable.

  • BabyMistakes

    So many dudes on here are nerd frustrated. Just following uniformly the trend of over criticizing. Finding ridiculous flaws. This woman is beautiful. You're out of your minds. And stop saying the words "Fail" and "First". Really? Fucking "first"? That's not fun, or funny, or cool in any way. And if saying "first" is really that rewarding to you, and you're old enough to work the buttons on a computer, you should maybe look into the very real possibility of having a developmental disability, or a severe learning disability of some kind. You dip shits.

  • saneiesimdinminti

    only an hypocrite ugly faced girl or a "cannot have" a girl like this , and wait .. those guys who have a girl who will not stand to hear that her boyfriend has JUST an opinion .. will say that this girl is ugly …… you photoshop wankers !!

  • Muggins

    I like it.



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