More women who have such a burden to carry (27 Photos)

  • Firstly

    First, suckas!

    • HeartUnderTheRose

      Wow, you must be so proud of yourself for waiting online just to get the first comment of a post. It must be like an earth shattering orgasm for you. All us others bask in your glory and are eternally jealous of your success . . . or not.

      • Firstly

        I'm pretty sure the former is correct, rather than the latter.

      • Insert Name Here

        just give him a thumbs down and move on…nothing to see here folks

      • BigDingo

        you are always first in line to criticize the person who is first… what is lamer?

        • HeartUnderTheRose

          Um, okay then. I've commented on someone's first post like 3 times. I only carried on this here conversation and the other of his because he replied to me. I can easily point out all the other times people have posted "First!" in which either someone else or no one at all commented. I commented because I was bored and find it highly amusing why people find it such a thrill to get first post. I've gotten first post a few times and have never felt the ground move beneath my feet, so forgive me if you will why I just don't get it. But if my few times of commented on it make me lame and is some how lamer than someone getting off on getting first, well, lame away.

          • BigDingo

            writing an essay?

            • HardCore Mike

              FWIW, I will never understand FIRTSLY and others. Truely meaningless existence. Truely lame post. I've posted first several times but with something to actually say and never said 'FIRST'….. makes no sense to me what so ever. I'm with HUTR on this one.

          • bob

            i'm sorry, WHAT!!?!??!! THE F*UCK DID YOU JUST SAY?

    • Not again

      Really??? With all these beautiful women, all you can come up with is "First"….

      • timmy

        Exactly, if first is all you can come up with after looking at this post, well then I have some bad news for you…

      • Firstly

        Who said anything about reading the post BEFORE I said "First, suckas!!"??? Yes, I looked at it afterwards, but I had NO TIME to spare since someone might have beaten me to the punch!

  • Tano

    #5 is Lanny Barbie
    #7 is awsome

    • NTFW

      I want to play with some boobs sooooooooooo bad right now. 😦

  • Jojo


  • BigDingo

    4… wtf

    • isawoj

      No kidding. She looks herpes riddled.

      • its_forge

        Exactly, I'd rather make time with her friend there in purple but whatever Blondie's got might've rubbed off on her….

  • PlainOldMe

    I have a hard time picking favorites… Especially when they come in pairs.

  • Rundy

    Why hello #15!

  • Ronnoc

    Awesome – BOOM

  • johnny

    who´s # 14 ?

    • stefanhartman

      Audrina Patridge. That's girls got a spot in my heart…AND MY DICK!…but mainly my heart.

      • its_forge

        Wow, is she the one from that reality show who was like THE worst actor ever seen on television? She seems to have redeemed herself 'cuz I only remember her as a plastic-chested IDIOT. Good for her!! The expression on her face here is absolutely priceless.

  • micha

    nr. 13 hot whatser name

  • poppajo8

    That reminds me, I need to buy a motorboat.

  • Fap

    21 seems as if it's been taken surreptitiously in a changing room. A girl's changing room perhaps – in which case was it taken by a girl ? Good work !

  • chrisdg74

    I would definitely help these ladies carry their burdens, I mean, burden.

  • unfairrobot

    #12 = heavy load fail.
    Bianca Beauchamp = heavy load WIN!

  • dw55

    suddenly I feel the urge to carry something

  • thetech2

    they're all hot and have burdens to carry except for one ,,,,,and I aspire to be last

  • uberbrie

    #10 is Inga something she does softcore "photo shoots"- she could be Elisha Cuthberts twin sister

  • Zoey

    Less models, and more "real" girls, Chive!

    • HellRazer

      Agreed. I've seen enough anorexic models to last a life time, let's see some hot "real" girls.

  • Justin

    21 is mrs heather clem

    • Brandon

      Mrs. Bubba the love Sponge Clem

  • orion11

    #14 audrina patridge, a set of nice hills would be an understatament

  • Nomimono

    #14 – just before she heads to the bathroom for the purge
    #25 – responsible for many, er, purges of my own

  • McAwesomepants

    anyone know who #15 is?

    • numbn8

      bianca beauchamp

  • youdummy


  • Jonny

    Oh #10 Eva I would love to message your back after your long hard day of carrying those things around

  • tm6

    it will take time but u will notice an iphone

    • Dirtball

      You just failed the gay test

  • Lev

    Some of these really don't belong in a gallery intended for the well-endowed. I'm definitely not saying they're ugly, but there's a difference. Nothing wrong with an album claiming nothing more than "hot chicks", in which these certainly all belong, but then don't include girls like #12 in an album like this one.

    • its_forge

      Ah who cares, she's fun to look at, there can be exceptions.

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