Treasures made entirely of trash (23 Photos)

That’s right, every object here is made out of trash and or spare parts.

  • Firstly

    First, suckas!

    • Terry Burke


      • Darksoul

        Firstly, ever since I noticed your moronic posts I have come to pity you; it seems you spend every waking moment refreshing this page so you can tell the world how pathetic you are. Good day and awesome images by the way.

        • Firstly

          Actually no. The evening posts normally come out around midnight, pacific time, which is when I'm wrapping up my day, checking sports scores, my favorite news outlets, and the chive. Last night was a bit later than usual for the Chive posting their topics, but luckily I checked one last time right before bed and got THREE awesome firsts. I know, awesome.

          • Nathaniel Patrick Fancypants

            Oh wow, I didn't realize that Firstly is actually an allegedly sentient human being and not just some kind of spambot. I have even more contempt for your existence than before.

          • The Owl

            don't worry firstly! i still think you are cool!

        • bbvv

          just ignore him. Responding to him just makes it worse. Eventually he'll get bored and move on.

          • Firstly

            bbw, you speak the truth. However, there's always trollbait to be had.

  • Penelope

    It's ok…I like the stuff made out of hangers.

  • PlainOldMe

    The creators of this stuff have way more drive and imagination than me. It was kind of interesting…

  • BigDingo

    turning consumerism fail into artistic win

  • ShadowCorp

    One mans trash, is another's …..motorcycle.

  • Chivelover

    A friend of mine does stuff like this,

  • brad

    Why don't you give the artists or the people who made the pieces credit?

  • anber

    That was really cool. I liked the geisha!

  • Lance

    The hanger gorilla is amazing. This is abstract art; something that is unusual, but still takes the time and effort to deserve appreciation. I go to an art museum nowadays and I see things like blank pieces of paper hung on the wall and called "art." That isn't art. It's just some a-hole exploiting people's stupidity by claiming that a blank piece of paper has some hidden meaning that only he can understand. These are the true abstract art, and I love them.

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