Attention Walmart shoppers…look at yourself (25 Photos)

These hilarious photos and more at

  • chrisdg74

    The decline of Western civilization on display.

    • northerner

      Yep, them's our fellow 'murricans! WTF causes people to look absolutely horrendously stupid in public? I know, freedom of expression. The late Paul Harvey always said, "with freedom comes responsibility". But people don't want to hear that word…

      • chrisdg74

        I would say that these people just don't give a f-ck about what other people think. But, I bet they ACTUALLY think they look GOOD.

        • minimoose

          threw up a few times….its hard to look at these photos….seen homicide photos less grisly

  • Gelups


    • tommybhoy


  • Hez26

    don't you hate when you're weird and have to buy stuff?

  • Acadia

    #18 is Hulk Hogan's dad. True story.

    • Occam

      … Iggy Pop's brother maybe…

  • @Jeffrey__Scott

    Makes you wonder what the person taking these pictures looks like.

  • garp

    …I say you nuke the site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure

  • Belisario

    There are crazy people everywhere in the world. But even they are shaking the head now. Holly Shit Batman America!!!

  • greenerblues

    #9 The Riddler's mom

    • phresh


  • keithp420

    this is why I shop online…

    • Phil

      Because you dress like a crack whore, are fat, ugly, and have a retarded hair cut??

      …in that case, thank you.

      • keithp420

        no, because I really just want to stay indoors have no life, no friends, no girls and be pathetic just like you…

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    One word……TARGET!!!

    • Beldar

      …..because a slightly higher class of freaks shop at target.

  • mattythegooch

    I have been blessed to have never set foot in Wally World, seems like it would be entertaining….ON WEED.

    That is one nappy ass dreadlock in #20

    • Ken

      It's not entertaining….ever.

      • Beau

        Please see the moonwalking wal-mart shopper. Your argument is rendered invalid.

    • Beldar

      Never been to WalMart? What planet do you live on? I didn't think there was any way of escaping them.

      • mattythegooch

        I've "seen" plenty, I have enough self dignity to keep on driving….to the "good" grocery store.

        Beau-I would lose my shit if I saw that dude in the flesh! highlarious!!

    • monoxxide

      i think you got it right this has to be the most disgusting thing you could ever, do dirty hippies

  • Dufresne

    Freaks unite!!! Where? Fuckin' Wal Mart you idiot!

  • Darrell

    How sad is it that the gay cop is the most normally dressed person in these photos?

    I’m trying to quit shopping at Wal-Mart, but it’s not easy when there’s no Targets or Kmarts within 20 miles of your house

    • C-man

      Find a way man, find a way. I haven't set foot in there for a decade, and I'm not looking back.

    • Enola

      There are more alternatives than just other box chains selling cheap (in both price and quality) crap.

  • MigraineBoy

    The second post that made me cry today. Bastards!

  • Ken

    #4 FTW. The fire engine red nail polish pushed him over the top for me.

  • top dog

    It takes all kinds to make a world. I shop at wally world, and I don't give a damn what assholes think, cause most of them assholes shop at wally world too BAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!!!!

  • Langolier3000

    …don't feed them and avoid eye contact! it's for urown protection.


  • beer dude

    way too much chlorine

  • Viking

    Enforce the rules of society, and Darwinism is not allowed to take its proper course. And here are the results.

  • Beldar

    I'm sure Jerry Springer shops at WalMart. It's pretty much a 25,000 square foot casting couch for his show.

  • robin yates

    this is America ? the most powerful country in the world ?

  • Andy

    This is why I shop at Target…

  • Mac

    Thank God there are no Walmarts in my country

    • Kent

      Your logic is flawed, because this means all your freaks are evenly distributed across your country and you don't know what places to avoid to avoid them.

  • Blue Zoo

    never been in the us,but i think walmart is like the anus of america judging by this

  • santana

    I love people from United States!!!!!! Awsome!!!!!!! Very unique!!!!!!!! Thanks God for the northamericans!!

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