Attention Walmart shoppers…look at yourself (25 Photos)

These hilarious photos and more at

  • Jim

    18……………Glad to see Hulk Hogan keeping busy

  • chris from NJ

    Freedom of self expression. In America you don't have to conform.

  • Fhilip

    OMG that's unbelievable !!! In Brazil don't have people like that. I think the northamericans are crazy !!! lol

    • Kent

      Um, in Brazil you have loads of ladyboys.

  • smiley : )

    you know what? I actually like these "freaks" at walmart… for the most part they are blissfully unaware and mind their own business… it's everyone else at Walmart that I freaking hate! the a*holes that think their time is worth more than yours so they'll give you attitude in line, the ones with screaming kids who seem to either not notice or not care… the clerks checking me out that CLEARLY hate their life too much to ever smile at me or even say "have a nice day" genuinely… EVERY car in the parking lot who doesn't know how to drive or is in such a hurry to get the hell out of there to care. and of course the wackos who for some reason take their camera shopping with them… (seriously… who does this?)

  • Gem

    I admit I've been forced to stop at a walmart to get some last minute thing, like chapstick or cigarettes on the way to parties, the club, and yeah, even raves (when I was younger) (and who hasn't?)
    and my clothes at any of those times was probably questionable at best (at least I'm not fat…or white trash)
    but if some little prick had the nerve to pull out his Ashton Kutcher "coolpix" camera to take a picture of me…I guarantee that would be the last picture he ever took on it. (so clearly they are all also way more tolerant than I am…)
    long story short: be thankful for these weirdos. even at the VERY least they make you feel better about your appearance… also walmart is a hell hole… avoid at all costs. 😛

  • polo


  • muscledrifter

    All of these were taken within a 10 min Window of time.

  • JoboDude

    @10 — Mr. Slave!! jesus christ..

  • Paul from Window Box

    #12 – She's so busy that didn't realized she has been mopping Wallmart with her son lol!


    To those who pule about the photos – what did you expect would happen when "photo-option" was put into phones? In a nation where parents are trained to pity their children and children are manipulated, thru advertising, to demand absolutely, non-essential gadgetry that belongs on a NASA mission, instead of in children's hands (whoops – I mean in the hands of the long-term immature). Other societies also have tantrum-throwing, spoiled, self-centered, parasites and really ugly people – they're just not ostentaciously paraded about like here.

  • tess

    I refrain from shopping at WalMart, due to the increasing number of "mothers" who allow their children to scream the entire time they're in the store. When this occurs, I merely "park" my cart and leave the store. I refuse to subject myself to the increasing lack of parenting skills in this country. I am an educator, so when I go shopping to relax, this is the last thing I want to encounter. I feel sorry for the children, that their "parent(s) " do not care enough to teach them proper behaviors.

  • girl

  • a greatful american

    thank God we live in America, where we have the freedom to express ourselves, even in the way we dress or wear our hair!

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  • Tony_King10


  • Columbia County Boy

    This is nothing. These people are totally normal compared with the people who shop in the WalMart in St. Helens, Oregon.

  • gizmo77819

    honestly… what are these people thinking when they step outside

  • Camarodude

    whats wrong with #24?

  • Okey oynamak

    I delight in, lead to I discovered exactly what I was taking a look for. You’ve ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  • The_Hellequin

    #18 – Hulk Hogan really let himself go!

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