Daily Afternoon Randomness (31 Photos)

  • chuckula

    I'll gladly take #8, Ali from Argentina, over any previously posted women especially attention whores. They are not worth the annoyance and drama anymore. I like women like Ali who can just exist and be beautiful. Thanks for posting her and thanks for the breath of fresh air, Ali!:)

  • Lynn

    #8, Hi Ani, you're right, you don't have anything going on that might label you an attention whore, except the trendy glasses; necklace; shirt pulled to one to side to expose your tatoo and bright red tank top; ring; black nail polish….and, oh yeah, the neon sign that blares: put me on your web site, put me on your web site! Barely noticed you, you're so plain and unassuming and modest!

  • Bill Parker

    Whoever commented on #12 is the dick.

  • BillP

    Sorry, meant #16.

  • Speederaser

    #16 Guy is right on, screw the complainers.

  • nicole

    #16 winning

  • katastrophe89

    #31 piercings are a TURN ON! although this particular one is barely even visible, she needs a few more…maybe some tattoos 😉

  • clifford

    Not a fan of face jewelry, but this honey pulls it off!

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