It has been a long week, take some GIFS

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  • SaM

    BAHAHA 9 just made it worse by putting his hands up lol

  • OneClownShoe

    Canadian police chase…LOL

    • SaM

      lol That was a commercial going around Canada for tires, dunno about the states though…… eh!!

    • Tek

      The Kids in the Hall did a similar skit but both cars stopped for gas and then kept going

  • Mason

    What happened in #2?

    • hoyt mcguyer

      pumped it dry with out opening the vent valve! Good day to loose a job.

  • alate

    regarding # 2.. wtf??? Megatron's new cloaking device works wonders

  • hoopser

    #2: implosion caused by under-pressure, saw it on tv, lil more impressive with the bang 😉 greetz from old europe

    • its_forge

      A change in *atmospheric* pressure did that???!!

      • CapnS

        Where the hell did you get that assumption?

        • hammer

          its what happens if you drain a tanker without venting it. it is a demo to show rail workers what happens if you dont open the top vent.

          • Ken

            Yeah, it was negative pressure. Anyone who has sucked the air out of an empty plastic soda bottle knows exactly what happened here.

            • youdummy


    • alate

      I figured something like that and it makes perfect sense.. still wanted to imagine an invisible megatron stepped on it lol

  • capitancoolo


  • TayTay

    I love #3, you can pretty much hear him think, "fuck it"

    • Ron

      Exactly what I thought when I saw that!

    • Randy

      "Fuck it. I'm going to Taco Bell."

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    2, Doh!! never divide by zero…ever!!!
    7, way to make your girl a paraplegic

  • Acadia

    10 is gold. Pure gold.

  • Sheng

    the dude in #9 still has time to press escape button. LOL

  • chrisdg74

    10 – Now you need a gif of the guy in bed jumping up and beating the shit out of the other guy.

  • BigDingo

    7 seems just mean

    • Randy

      Yeah, if she was ugly I wouldn't mind, but that chick looks pretty hot. It's only mean if she's attractive.

  • Nicnac

    #7 That chick is still dating the Astros ball dodger??

  • Ken

    #10 LOL! What was the spray can? Canned air, a horn?

    #8: Back flip dude FTW!

  • HellHath NoFury

    5-thanks for the nightmares, you get to put up with my insomniac self

  • Hugh G. Rection

    #3 one of those days where you just gotta say "FUCK THIS SHIT"

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