So I went shopping for mail-order brides last night… (23 Photos)

The following girls are real Russian mail-order brides. As most of you know, I think mail-order brides are the cat's pajamas. Who would you add to cart?

  • dude

    1, 11 or 22

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Yes, you're attractive. Got that.

    But how about showing a side of yourself in your photos? Holding a beer while watching sport or doing something adventurous like scuba diving?

    Basically something that demonstrates that you are absolutely not a high-maintenance nightmare. Bizarrely no.18 comes closest so far.

  • sdz

    22 and 23 please. And 1… and 5.. 7.. you know what? Give me all of them except for 13 and 18. That would be great

  • kevin

    They have Camaros in Ukraine? I had no idea.

  • jason

    i'd like to see some mail order women from brazil. they have some smoking hot women down there too!

  • Cory

    how much for the car in 17?

  • duffman0313

    #4 #9 #11 #22 Time to move to Utah and take them all….

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