• Chris

    This is nice and all, but can you imagine a video of the children that get to hear that they will never see their father again because he died in a meaningless war? I am just trying to be realistic here..

    • Anon

      I agree. Lets just bring them all home! Do this for every kid that has a parent serving right now. Clearly we have enough Oil here, we don't need theirs. I mean, we just dumped millions of it in the gulf.

    • TM

      No, Chris, I do not want to see such a video. No normal, reasonable, mentally-healthy person would, nor ask such a question in the first place. What is wrong with you that this video elicits such a response?

  • Tim

    It wouldnt matter if someones father died saving the entire planet, for that person it still sucks just as bad. Keep your opinions on the war to yourself you do not speak for everyone.

  • http://twitter.com/sk1951 @sk1951

    Are we in a Holly War or not? Y or N?

    Time to take the gloves off. Our country (USA) is being attacked from every direction. Our basic ideologies, our back bone and foundation: the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of independence are being destroyed. If you believe this keep reading if you don’t stop here because you are about to get your “sensibilities” hurt!

    • Wombat

      I stopped reading because you don't know how to spell "Holy" jackass.

  • johnny

    This is one of the most beautiful videos I've ever seen. I wish so much that it had never Needed to be posted.

  • Ted M.

    "johnny" is right. So much of what soldiers do, we wish didn't have to be done. We're just good at doing it, so we train for the unpleasant stuff that needs doing, and which most of the rest of you simply won't. The video above is not a political or idological banner. It has nothing to do with oil, or with "being realistic here . . . " This video is about the human joy experienced by our wives, lovers, and children when we return home, especially unexpectedly. This is the best of human emotion. It requires no explanation, or qualification. Leave your intellectual baggage elsewhere. Bask in a perfect moment of human joy. Wipe away the tear, and than whomever you thank that these men and women were able to return home for these reunions. Thank whomever you thank that these children will be tucked in tonight by the person who embodies safety, security, home, happiness, and love, and will not spend one more night wondering when daddy or mommy will come home. God bless all our servicemen and servicewomen.

  • Canadian in Japan

    God Bless all the soldiers out there fighting for an honorable cause. Don't blame them for the politics or for whatever your opinion is on it but for the honour they show in committing and staying strong in the line of horribly tasking duty. They are our Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Husbands, Wives and Children and they are doing their duty for us.

    Least you can do is thank them. Please show them your gratitude; all it takes is a thank you for putting on the uniform.

    Thank you all and please come home safe.

  • Donna Sims

    This was a very enjoyable video clip. I'd like to thank the people behind each camera who orchestrated this surprise moment for the families shown. It not only brought tears to my eyes, but gratefulness to see those particular servicemen welcomed home. We need more coordinated efforts like this for each service member. Moments like these should be captured as often. America should be afforded unlimited opportunities to remember the joy united families bring to our hearts. All media, I challenge you to take advantage of this, and leverage it using the upcoming Iraq and Afghanistan downsizing as an opportunity to "go get that live footage," and make America smile!

  • un amigo

    kisa no me entiendan pero es un video muy emotivo..pienso k adecer muy bonito abrazar a sus familias yo paso x lo mismo xk estoy en un pais k no es mio

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    • Bontot

      Maybe if you lack ielnltect it may sound bitchy. Your screen name on the other hand.. now that kind of discredits anything you might think about my bitchiness. Be serious.

  • StupidFresh3484

    Damn!….The little girl at 1:40 gets me every time!

  • krabkat

    I almost can't bear to watch this video and at the same time I can't stop watching it. My father and my husband were both Viet Nam vets. I've had a few of these reunions myself and the depth of emotion is staggering. All I can say is God Bless and keep our soldiers safe because that's what they do for us every single day. I pray for their families to be reunited and whole again.

  • Mena

    Youre so awesome, man! I cant beleive I missed this blog for so long. Its just great stuff all round. Your design, man too amazing! I cant wait to read what youve got next. I love everything that youre saying and want more, more, MORE! Keep this up, man! Its just too good.

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