Soldiers returning from war surprise kids, loved ones. NSFW b/c you will bawl your eyes out (video)

There is a 100% chance you will cry within 30 seconds of this video.
If anyone knows who is responsible for putting this video together, please notify us at thechiverules[at]gmail[dot]com. So we can give dredit where credit is definitely due! Thanks.
PS The song overlaying the video is “Praan,” by Garry Schyman.
Photos of Why you say “thank you” to soldiers

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  • guest

    awesome video. thanks to all the service men and women for all the sacrifices they have made. Merry christmas!…..20 seconds

    chive rules!

  • Trist Dragonbreath Squire

    gay. i dont do sympathy for Americans.

    • FWM

      I remember you. You wanted me to give you twenty pounds for a blow##b in that alley in Soho. Just want you to know, I pissed on the money before I gave it to you. Just sayin'.

  • Rogen Lobaton

    This is the most powerful video that has ever been put on the chive !!!

  • anonymous

    Although I'm not an american but I AM touched by the effort and the family bond. AND for those who do not understand why the military is there… I'll tell you, human nature is greed an when there is greed someone has to stand out and change this world… these are the few that actually GIVE THEIR LIVES to save the others… God blessed us with such people… be grateful and not be giving stupid remarks without knowing how much they have to go through, how much courage they have, how willing they are.

  • Trolloroni

    Did not cry, did not care, song sucked. Problem?

    • Tonya

      Nope, I just feel sorry for people like you.

    • FWM

      Nope. Just keep on truckin', Troll. Bye bye.

  • Marissa Marbida

    This video pinched my heart…i cried…really cried so hard while viewing this….

  • Gary

    I cried…. not QUITE in the first 30 seconds though…. and whoever posted it was LDS (aka Mormon). The Book of Moses is unique to our church 🙂

  • Jedah


  • Tonya

    I went through this for 20 years when it wasn't cool to support our guys. I have spent hours on a pier waiting and was rewarded with scenes like this. I am glad that there is the internet now to share these moments. Every civilian in the U.S. should see this and know that these military heros do this out of love for country and family. I cried, and it started 36 years ago when my sailor came home from Vietnam for the first time. I love each and every one of them who have and will make this sacrifice. THANK YOU!!!

  • Seed

    F*cking killers

    • FWM

      F*cking pussy

  • Dawn

    Families should not be separated because of a war.

  • charger

    this is the upteenth time i've seen this video & i was crying within the first minute or 2, not completely sure. those kids are too precious, they should not have too live without their parent. i'm one of the lucky people who has 2 parents at home. this makes makes me feel really bad about that…

  • hali
  • tooschool4cool

    Amazing video, I wept. Thanks Chive and thankyou to all the service men and women. The little girl at 1:30, really heart melting.

  • Dave

    I never agreed with the war……but god bless all you service people who put your asses on the line.

    Dave – – please do not spam me but if any who served would like to tell me their opinions on their experiences then feel free to drop a mail

  • Jim K.

    Awesome!! had me in 5 sec. God bless all our service men and women and families.


    8 minutes.
    Fuck you, Chive.

  • Chris

    I guess i do have a heart, i cried after all…

  • Elie

    Wept like a baby. you assholes.

  • f015e

    that was awesome

  • Bacchus

    Bored the hell out of me. 2 minutes of my life I'm never getting back… How can anyone watch this for 10 full minutes?? Hypocrite Americans, leaving their poor family behind to voluntarily bomb innocent people overseas, but when they come back they want to be treated as heroes?? Where's the fuckin' logic in that?

    • UnBoundBeatz

      Your a fucking idiot Bacchus. They are doing it for their country to protect it from idiots like your ass. Go to hell these guys are fight the most insane religious people in the world. Not because of beliefs but because they continue to attack us. We are not safe without them. Where is your honor for your country you fucking liberal democrat. Go to school and learn something about these guys and not what they say in the news or what your parents say about them. Form your own fucking opinion. Asshole

      • FWM

        Not going to call the man an "asshole" . . . but I hope Bacchus goes backpacking in Iran, gets imprisoned, f@#$ed up the @SS by large sweaty men, and learns the difference between America and the rest of the world. This man probably never left his home state, except to go to Jersey on spring break . . .

  • mark

    holy crap. that is intense. Thank you soldiers. not a fan of the government. but you men and women out there on the field are incredible!!

  • Bad Cyborg

    Orwell wrote "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

    Understand, people. They do not go into harm's way for you. They go into harm's way for the people with whom they reunited in the video. But be glad they are on duty anyway.

    To those who would say that violence solves nothing I would reply – HORSE HOCKEY!! If the problem is someone threatening my family, then violence solves the problem of THAT person permanently.

    I would also remind your of Ben Franklin's famous saying “Those who beat their swords into plowshares usually end up plowing for those who didn't.”

    Bad Cyborg
    Bury your head in the sand all you want. It only makes your a** a better target.

  • Mikey

    33 seconds before the crying started. This was such a great video, thank you to whoever took the time to put it together. Thank you to all of our troops over seas risking their lives for our way of life, and thank you to their families for their sacrifices.

  • anon

    am i the only one not crying

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