Soldiers returning from war surprise kids, loved ones. NSFW b/c you will bawl your eyes out (video)

There is a 100% chance you will cry within 30 seconds of this video.
If anyone knows who is responsible for putting this video together, please notify us at thechiverules[at]gmail[dot]com. So we can give dredit where credit is definitely due! Thanks.
PS The song overlaying the video is “Praan,” by Garry Schyman.
Photos of Why you say “thank you” to soldiers

  • hell if i know

    well im cryin like a bitch.- nothin like a 6'1" 240lbs guy cryin at a computer.

  • Huey

    WOW!! . . I guarantee "Chuck F'n Norris" would cry watching this video! Someone please play it for him so we can collect his tears for cancer research.
    Thank you to our Men and Women that serve so bravely and sacrifice their time with loved ones so we can be safe with ours!! Your work and loyalty will
    NEVER be forgotten. THANK YOU!

  • ash sandals

    I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading.
    Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

  • catalysist

    I wish they instead did a reaction video with children of dead American soldiers killed in Iraq, telling them their dad had died for the first time LOL!!!

    • FWM

      We return the favor, catalysist, and hope someday to see a clip of your dissected, puny, girly little corpse displayed to your loved ones. Laugh at that.

  • bermudez famiy


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  • Robert

    A few never made it home again.
    Remember who they fought for,they fought for You.

  • nilbud

    The people they murdered for the oil companies will never have a reunion. They are war criminal mercenaries murdering people for money. Disgusting.

    • FWM

      Yeah, US soldiers actually spend our time murdering people . . . and we get our orders from oil company executives. Uh huh. Hey, I know who is actually disgusting.

      • nilbud

        You're a dumb witless stooge, nothing but third rate muscle for a bunch of crooks. You moronic saluting pawn.

  • theragequitter

    wow this is incredible! i was able to fight my tears, but i'm going to lie, my eyes are incredibly watery right now

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  • FWM

    Perhaps those dollars can now bring "little brown people" here illegally to cut your lawn! Hey, your words, pal.

  • FWM

    You're right. They shouldn't have. Thanks for completely . . . and I mean COMPLETELY . . . missing the point. Now run along.

  • FWM

    I know. Sorry for the absence of trains, showers, and ovens, mein Herr.

  • NiuChiver

    Why do people have to be so negative? It’s not about your stance on the war. It’s about loved ones coming home and seeing their family after being separated for so long. It takes a great deal of courage to volunteer for something like this and come home in one peace back to those you love (regardless of nationality).

  • @t00nfish

    2:55 still boring ! stopped it now – i am disappointed

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  • İbrahim Onur Takma

    What about the innocent kids killed by this soldiers ? Will the murdered fathers in Iraq reunite with their families ? thats what i call hypocrisy

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  • John

    This is bullshit!! I'm soooo fucking dehydrated now!!

  • joobacca

    i cried.

  • thebrewha

    Very touch atleast some of this conflict can bring happyness. I'm very happy for those families and for my brothers and sisters in arms much love. Enjoy life, live it happily and chive:D

  • Peter

    Just on the verge of crying, but man did i have the biggest smile on my face the whole time.
    As someone hopefully becoming an officer in the air force in the next couple years, this is part of what inspires me, knowing that there are people like you, who will always be here waiting for our troops to come home. Chive was already at the top of my list, but now i don't think anything could bring it down.
    Thank you chive, for getting me through life, and reassuring me that I'm making the right decision.

  • Proud Military Man

    From one military man to another, EVERY last one of you deserve welcome homes like these. CHIVE ON Brothers and Sisters. God Bless.

  • Dx Faa

    It's touching… yet they killed kids… who had their families.. too.. i hope they realize it one day…
    Nice vid..

  • Mel

    wow. cried through the whole 10 min. i love my bro for serving in Iraq but glad he's home to take care of his wife and daughter. thanks to all the service men and women for the sacrifices they make and their families who love them.

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