TED Cube building is brilliant (8 Photos)

TED is a public building in Taiwan. The 57 meter cubed building has an open section, or ‘street’ to allow full public access through the building. It has a beautiful rooftop garden which is a public park that doubles as an informal performance area.
The ribs, evocative of the underside of a mushroom form stairs through the structure and is repeated on the walls and ceiling thus creating a visually continuous facade. The access through the building allows for ventilation, shade, and increased fenestration for the occupants. What does it all mean? I don’t know, but it looks amazing.

  • sithu

    1. lol

  • OneClownShoe

    I'll be watching out for the GIF of someone falling down the stairs here.

    • poops like bunny

      yeah no shit. We all know people in Taiwan are stupid and i didn't see any safety rails….

      • Jen

        they probably cant see either b/c they're eyes are slanted.

    • Beau

      If only we could get Bobby McFerrin to take the honorary first fall down the stairs.

  • justsaying

    The write up makes it sound like the building exists.
    A site hasnt even been selected for the project yet – much lest built.
    This is a design only.

  • Ron

    If this is a real building in Thailand, where are some REAL pictures of it? Doing a quick Google search reveals that the company's website is evolo[dot]us and surprise, the entire description has been pulled (but condensed) from that site and theChive didn't give that website as the source. This is plagiarism, which is why theChive didn't provide the source.

    From theChive's condensed description it makes it seem that the building is in fact real but if you go over to the actual site, the full description reveals that it is a concept, thus why there are no real pictures. Is this supposed to be another lame hoax from theChive?

  • Beldar

    Let me know IF and WHEN this thing actuall gets built.

  • Carrot

    That would be fun to walk through drunk. Total mind-F***

  • amanda

    Is it related to the TED.com company? That's an awesome website.

  • peteyroberto

    lol if u look at the guy playing drums on the stairs in pic 4 its very obvious this is just a mockup

  • tm6

    buildings r soon to have surprise butt sex

  • tjk

    That's not just "a guy playing drums" That is Ringo Star. It's such a good building that apparently The Beatles like it, b/c that is them from their roof top concert in picture 4.

  • nagarjuna

    hi this is nagarjuna very worderfull house the bigset house

  • http://www.goldstarlols.blogspot.com Pinky

    if they ever built this, I would pity the window washers

  • mft

    goodness gracious…this is a conceptual rendering of the design. if this gets to build, of course, all safety procedure would have to apply in order for the public to use. are you guys for real!!! are you guys in the field of design or architecture?

    and yes, it is design by TED! please think outside of the box, life is so much more when you think outside of your norm…

    one last comment, i am a taiwanese…please don't call us stupid!!!

  • Gislaine

    This is just the perfect asenwr for all of us

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