Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

  • Internet_star

    Woot! First
    Anyway, last pic woman loves has explosive climaxes.

    • japanland

      …what the fuck does "last pic woman loves has explosive climaxes." even mean?

      • Internet_star

        I must have fucked up and put love in there for some reason, and can't edit it anymore
        Get it now?

        • Gordon of Hesselink

          so u consider posting "first" in the chive's best week photos is an epic success. what's next on your "to-do" list?

          • Internet_star

            It was my first post,
            many epic successes to come

            • MiPo_TheGoaT

              Did you have to change your jammies after you got the first post??? Im seeing warm water and vinegar in your future

  • MattW

    I want 48 in my kitchen!

    • Sme

      I want 41 in my kitchen.

    • Enola

      And how about 27 and 38 in my bedroom…

  • Semper

    I could stare at nose ring girl all day

    • Vihni

      I mean she's gorgeous and everything, but whoever wrote that needs to learn what a nose ring is.

    • leif erikson

      #38 is Shay Maria only the most famous model on the internets

    • jus sayin

      what nose ring?

  • Viper

    31: You can not has cheezburger.

    Also, very good week, chive.

  • Dasun Panagoda

    gears of war on a ps3?

    • Matty

      they had some caption last week about that, except it was more more accusing than questioning.

    • A-Ron

      Saw that too, we're nerds.

  • Gordon of Hesselink

    the dude standing in the hitler's picture looks like the nazi actor in inglorious basterds. btw #49 i happen to think my little sister thinks the same

  • Dustin

    27 needs her own spread.

    • HellHath NoFury

      Misspelled, 'legs'.

    • Borracho

      I agree, we need to see more of 27.

      And HHNF, you have a dirty mind, no wonder you have so many fanboys.

      • HellHath NoFury

        Sorry, I work with sailors. I haven't been taking my prescribed brainbleach, and I'm far too short to get my mind out of the gutter.
        I like the fangirls better.

  • HellHath NoFury

    Nosering girl and supercute seal, with your powers combined my heart is no longer my own.

  • Kent


    The fat American meme is getting completely fucking out of hand. It's the most played out, overly-exploited source of ammunition for ignorant anti-American idiots, some of whom belong to countries that are statistically fatter than the US including Australia and Germany.

    • Miharu

      I am one of the most patriotic people in the country, and would like to say this: FUCK OFF, IT'S JUST INTERNET HUMOR. Find a bridge and either get over it or jump off it.
      Go cry about "anti-american" crap to someone who actually gives a damn.

    • HellHath NoFury

      I'll bet it was made my an American who takes care of their own body, has a real job, pays for their own medical insurance and is sick to hell of obese people who don't have a legitimate, debilitating reason to be in a wheelchair.

    • Htownpunk

      Apparently being a self-loathing American has become the new "cool" thing to do. Unfortunately this attitude will probably eventually drive us into becoming another self-righteous Socialist/Communist nation, with little freedoms, opportunities or culture left. We already know that nearly every other country around the world will rejoice when this happens, but I have to wonder how much all of these self-loathing, Berkley "educated", little commies will like living in that post-American world when it actually becomes a reality……..

  • anti-American idiot

    Truth hurts, doesn't it Fatty.

  • chrisdg74

    #6 – MOAR!! please.
    #28 – One word – spell-check. One more word: Agreed.
    #31 – It was the hamburglar.
    #38 – Do I see freckles on her nose? WIN. Took a while. My eyes wouldn't shift up.

    • Beau

      I've been trying to explain to my fiance that some freckles on a hot chick are awesome and people really appreciate them. I TOLD HER I LEARNED IT ON THE INTERWEBS AND SHE SAYS SHE DOESN'T BELIEVE ME! WHAT ELSE CAN I DO?!

      • HellHath NoFury

        I'll come teach her.

        • Beau

          Appreciating her freckles, or showing her yours? I may have to lock myself in another room while this is going on.

          • chrisdg74

            Freckles are like the sprinkles on an ice cream sundae. The perfect topping.

        • Beau

          I actually told her what you said in response to what I said, and she lowered her voice into that whole "sultry voice" mode and said "I'd like to explore that" so I kinda laughed, but she still had the sly smile on her face so I was like uhhhhh ok wow. I was not expecting that response haha

          • HellHath NoFury

            I seem to be the enemy of the husband lately.

            • Beau

              Is that related to any of these comments, or just inserting a thought randomly? My fiance was definitely making a comment about hooking up with you, lol.

              • HellHath NoFury

                *taps steepled fingertips*
                It was definitely a threat towards you, now that I've seen her.

  • koo koo

    In what movie did nicholas cage play abe lincoln??

  • EvilJerry

    white board girl jumped the shark

  • bbb

    silly n!ggers

  • seriously

    jump the shark jumped the shark

  • bollweevilman

    Piercings except for ears and all tattoos and fake breasts are an absolute turnoff for me, jmho. But i just skip over them. Sadly, there are a lot to skip over these days.

  • Hugh G. Rection

    Has anyone noticed that the name of this page is "awesom hilarious photos"?
    Grammer nazi FTW

    • Beau

      You spelled erection wrong in your name.

      It happens a lot on the chive. You'd think they'd have someone check that stuff, but hey if it ain't broke don't fix it. It gives their posts a little extra personality.

      • Beau

        And yes, I get the name joke. Anyone older than 12 gets it. I was just being a dick. Ironic, considering your name.

  • Bionic 1

    Chive!!! Find the girl with the nose piercing!!! this is an order!!! I'm using the word for this, so it must be obeyed!!!!

    • LiaMMV

      It's Shay Maria. She posted this on twitter a little while ago.

  • Chris

    Who is 28!? I must find more of her!

    • Steve


  • Clickawhat

    # 38 is stupid hot

  • Buffet

    Jesse Ventura looks different in #1? In #37 'guaranteed is spelled wrong!

  • Nihilus_13

    13 – Battletech was AWESOME! 😀

  • Thom

    #1 "Call me Webster, one more fucking time, come on, do it."

  • Troy

    Yeah… First

  • misainzig

    Who is 27?

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