• Kjell King

    I hate people.

    • Iambetterthanyou

      no you don't.

  • Steve

    Hellhath is a nerd… stop commenting on everything to fill your life. You're kind of ugly too… better you find out from me than some guy who one night stands you and bails in the morning.


    • HellHath NoFury

      Never had a one-nighter, I'm not one of the cheap girls you hang out with. Also, I decided to forgo a life as a supermodel because I was sick of the constant proposals. Speaking of which, I'm currently sitting in missile silo 9 of a nuclear submarine, waiting for hotwork permits. Yeah. Sorry for 'wasting my time' on this site while building weapons for our military. I could be making fun of people's appearance like a 5th grader, instead of appreciating their personality and contribution to society.

    • Beau

      While HHNF makes her point, I'd like to point out that nerdy chicks are hot. I'm engaged to one.

      • Beau

        When nerd + chick happens, and a guy deems it as a bad thing – it typically indicates a lack of intellect combined with insecurity based around said lacking of intellect. I'm just sayin.

    • HeartUnderTheRose

      What's wrong, angry because you can't get someone like HHNF, so you have to settle for pictures of your mom?

      • Kjell King


  • George Butters Cruz

    I'd like yo take this time to say Booooo. now on to more pressing matters, my bills…

  • Steve

    Lets all talk on the chive about life lessons. That makes for a great Monday! And its not my military its yours and its a work of evil. Just sayin.

    • HellHath NoFury

      We created your internet. Your argument is invalid.

  • ase3

    $500 fine in most places. One person is not greater than the whole.

    • Guest

      in Russia it costs 10$

  • J_B

    I experience this every night on my drive home at the intersection of Lincoln and Venice. It makes me want to punch babies.

  • bob

    It's moments like these I wish I were a cartoon, so I could summon a falling piano or anvil… or perhaps use some acme rockets on that mo fo. Howitzers got nothing on an acme rocket. 🙂

  • poppajo8

    Ha! I feel the same way!

  • Chudster

    Yeah – it’s the LAW in most states. If you’re stopped in the intersection when the light turns red, it’s a $179 ticket and 4 points on your license around here.

  • northerner

    Yep, the same in most communities around the country. We always think our local drivers are the worst. Not necessarily so…

  • vince

    Only exception is if you've been waiting at least 2 light cycles, and other directions keep filling up open slots. It happens.

  • Yamacch

    You have to check if u have a spot for you there!

    u should wait if not!

  • Mr. Magoo

    I guess stoner boy didn't understand the diagram (shocking!) and that is why we all hate you!

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