• Fedaykin

    Sucks when a person of such talent has to hit the streets for scrap change.

  • Bez

    Nuts – and he's doing it upside down…

  • Chris Phoenix

    just imagine what he can do with a pencil .. . .

  • http://kyo9.blogspot.com kyo_9

    great talents.. it's only a matter of time for Disney to approach him I guess..

  • anber


  • anon

    Sucks when a great video is ruined because the jag off can't hold the camera steady…lay off the coffee dude.

  • Brandon

    Now there's someone that actually deserves my spare change.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    And I thought unclipping a bra strap with my left hand was something special…..

  • nick

    Makes my hands feel useless 😦

  • BigDingo

    and Justin Bieber just made another 2 million….

  • aosux

    I can draw better than that with my toes.

  • deric

    This really isn't all that 'amazing'. Try it yourself. You'll find that your non-dominant hand will 'mirror' your dominant hand's motions quite easily.

    • Sarah

      That may be the case but you still need the talent of actually being able to draw – heck this guy does it upside down!
      I'm lucky if I could draw a darn house upside down let alone a dragon / horse or tiger ffs!

      Give the guy some credit where its due

  • ebay21

    welcome to ::== h t t p : / / w w w . e b a y 2 1 .c o m ==

  • cman

    stop moving the f……ing camera!!!!!

  • noway jose

    whoopeedeedoo….he's doing the exact same thing with each hand…symmetrical sketches (not drawings).

    it'd be WAY more impressive if he could draw an asymmetrical image that he hadn't already practiced a thousand times.

    • Ballsdeepinyourmom

      Why don't you try it?

  • camera sucker

    FUCKIN camera dude…i want to yell at him loud.

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