China’s biggest video game convention’s got game (36 Photos)

It's called ChinaJoy 2010, China's largest video game convention. It's important to note that the sexy cosplayers you see here undergo hours of professional makeup to look like this. The results are impressively sexy but you have to wonder how many of these girls are actually just sexy impostors?



  • FightingCorsair

    I'm moving to China.

  • peteyroberto

    i love me some va-china

  • nouu

    woooooo ladyboy convention! i bet it smells like alot of ramen noodle in thur.

  • Smeagol

    I like the screaming buttons in # 11.

  • krisb

    #13 has a huge vagina. Look closely……

    • @rte148

      silly you, don't you know it's sideways?

    • tcat

      I'd hit that anyday

  • workin_donkey

    They all look the same to me. Go figure.

  • Bar in Seattle

    #33…wow :o)

  • ASShole

    White girls are more attractive than chinese girls without make-up. chinese girls are more attractive than white girls with make-up.

    With or without?

    Tough damn question.

    1 of each?

    • BeBop

      Funny, I'm Chinese and I think just the opposite.

  • DaddyD

    Most of them look like they could have used another hour or two …

  • keithp420

    i'd let them each have a taste of my egg roll…wow even i want to thumb myself down after that one…

    • Wing Zero

      Don't worry. I'll do it for you.

      • Dang

        taste his egg roll?

  • BigDingo

    Although these girls are hot, I'm not a fan of professional cosplayers… it seems disingenuous

  • Ben King

    Dear China, you are doing it right.

  • Bistroengine

    Hot Asian Girls + Skimpy Outfits = Huge Boner

    • Beau

      You meant to say *Tiny Boner.

  • ROK

    i, for one, welcome our future chinese overlords (creditors).

  • jacquiealjarqawi

    I wonder how they look like without makeup though. D:

  • CPO_Mendez

    Chive… I think you've just shown me heaven…

  • Matt

    haha sooooo true!

  • Equalizer

    I'm having a wild imagination on #13.

  • Zoey

    Do you think they even know anything about the characters they're representing?

  • @rte148

    buying 100,000 shares of whatever the hell it is.

  • Htownpunk

    Let's here it for Asian vagina!!!

  • Jojo

    I don't recognize a single game…

    • thetech2

      games what games are you gay ?

  • bordermike


  • BagLady

    #15 – derp

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