China’s biggest video game convention’s got game (36 Photos)

It's called ChinaJoy 2010, China's largest video game convention. It's important to note that the sexy cosplayers you see here undergo hours of professional makeup to look like this. The results are impressively sexy but you have to wonder how many of these girls are actually just sexy impostors?

  • Darksoul

    Damn they're skinny; they all could use some meat in them…I Love shitty puns!

  • @100window

    hot as they may be, I think these are the kind of girls that you will ironically feature in a "shocks of make-up usage" post in a couple of days.

  • HellHath NoFury

    That girl be same-facin like a mofo. Oh, there's more than one?

    • thetech2


  • fuzzybeard2016

    #16 piss-poor trigger discipline.

  • Bull

    #15 = Peking Duck

  • markkens

    Got a sad vibe off tiger lady #19…

  • NowImFuckt

    Funny how free you THINK you are when you make jokes about China.
    You gotta color inside the lines in America or some powerful entities will make life difficult.

  • thetech2

    tons of make up no tits no ass but the whitest teeth I have ever come across

  • NESter

    Gotta love all the racist comments here. Hey guys, ever think that maybe to the Chinese all white people and black people look the same?

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