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  • chrisdg74

    #10 – What is one of the Olsen twins doing in this post? oh, wait…
    #24 – They still have those at my son's old elementary school.

    • ssss9999

      ha ha. That does look like and Olsen twin.

  • Kjell King

    Sweep the leg!

  • peteyroberto

    For the record, those who write a paragraph about how gay the ones who write first are…also qualify as fags and secretly, i believe, look forward to talkin shit to them more than they should

  • P-90

    20 Steven Tyler?

  • loudpurplehair

    what on earth is no 20? infact I recognise hardly any of this!!

    • Brah

      Number 20 is Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. They just happen to be the most awesome books, ever.

      • Shoestring

        I used to think they were awesome. You can read them online (I found them at work the other day). They are pretty crappy now I am a few decades older.

    • MissChris

      That's an image from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark! Those books were staples of my middle school years! LoL I'm almost 27 and ALL of these were part of childhood!

      • matt

        yeah I just turned 27 and I fondly remember every one of these….although scary stories scared the crap out of me for a good 6 months.

        • Dennis Long Jr

          Loved Scary stories. When I was in school I check it out from the library and my mom got it banned…Too scary for kids of your age.

  • KDeesey

    Laser Tag.. Why don't we have a soop't up version on Laser Tag now?? This is the 21st century right??

    • Randy

      They do. It's called paintball

      • Downer

        They do, it's called Iraq and Afghanistan. Not as fun anymore.

    • Kayla

      My husband and I do have a soop't up version, you get shot and you get shocked. It kinda sucks if you suck at it…. 😦 Lol!!

      • Kjell King

        Don't taze me dude!

  • stafferty

    The Jordan vs. Bird Tiger game was my shit back in the day. I played it under my desk in class. Robocop and Ernest are also considerable wins. However the lack of ninja turtles makes this a questionable post. 6.5/10

  • Throbbit Yuengling

    #15- "Mercy is for the weak", #18- Miss Elizabeth so Hot, want to touch the hinnie.

    • MiPo_TheGoaT

      Ms Elizabeth is no longer with us

  • tommybhoy

    Don't you just feel old right now….

  • man man

    Wonder Years FTW!

    Underappreciated, kickass show.

  • Jonathan

    #21 – LMFAO!! "Blow your lunch". Holy shit that's awesome.

  • Randy

    #4 Sitting in my Nintendo® director's chair, wearing my Nintendo® pants, sipping from my Nintendo® sports bottle, etc. Nintendo® etc.

    I get the feeling that's even an officially licensed Nintendo® trash can.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    OOO YEAHHH…Macho Man…..He needs to make a comeback….White beard and all…

  • aosux

    Ultimate Warrior FTMFW!

  • Mason

    Funnel ball, thats a real mans sport!

  • aleXTC

    Fucking Ernest man

    • GEORGE

      Hell yeah… Ernest was fucking awesome!

  • BigDingo

    Just to be a dick…
    Lazer tag came out in 1979
    The Wonder Years was on primarily in the 90’s (it debuted in the 80’s)
    Sorry if from 1929 and was marketed in the way we know in 1934
    Connect Four is from 1974
    Troll Dolls are from the 60’s, although they become a fad about once a decade
    Cross-Fire is from 1971
    Friendship bracelets are likely from pre-contact Native American cultures
    Fun Dips are from 1942 (although the name is from 1989)
    The Hawaiian Punch mascot is from 1962

    • SweetAwesomeness

      HOLY SHIT MAN…GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!! i mean seriously how long did it take you to Wikipedia all that shit?!?

      • Zoey

        I was wondering the same thing. Who are you Cliff Clavin?

        • timmy

          Well you see Norm, It's like this…..

        • SweetAwesomeness

          lolol!!! cliff clavin……..classic!!!!!

    • brock_lee

      and the title said from your childhood never specified the decade..

      • BigDingo

        Look at the window title "80s Childhood nostalgia and toys theCHIVE"

        • SweetAwesomeness

          shutup prick….no one asked you!!

  • Brandon

    Umm, I used #19 throughout university and for the GRE subject test.

  • Anna Koutoulas


  • Greg

    number 20 was from a collection of scary stories that you may have found as a child, like I did. I believe it was 'More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark'.

    Although I like to think that the brilliant and utterly terrifying images in those books didn't affect my childhood, I AM well aware that I became a fantasy/horror illustrator and VFX artist because of them.

    And I see dead people.

  • bbbbbeaver

    #20 is a drawing by Stephen Gammell from the childrens book Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. he's one of my personal inspirations in my art.

    • Greg

      oops! My bad, I thought it was the second book.

  • Anonymous

    AHH this took me back to my childhood .

  • Maddog

    #19… they still use freakin scantrons!

  • Ralph Wiggum

    This made me really happy, then really sad.

  • Brock_Lee

    I hear ya Ralph, me too…

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