Indian Pole Gymnastics with NFL Films Soundtrack aka hilarious (video)

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  • queen b

    where's the womens competition…?

  • rcjaos

    that wasn't at all gay…….not that there is anything wrong with it.

  • Spiderpig615

    My mind much like my c*ck was blown.

  • garp

    ….think of the scrotum bruising during practice, ouch

  • saltygary

    I see coconut picking in his future.

  • Rahul

    The average kid in India climbs trees in his spare time. I should know. I was up on a tree every evening for 2 years.

    • MN Yellow Pages

      Post some pictures for proof!

  • callmeWB

    I got hopped up on Bawls and Jager one night, blacked out, and apparently did a very similar routine on a light pole outside of my apartment.

  • Ken

    Shouldn't that be on The Berry?

  • mahdi

    not bad appo

  • Edward

    Not gonna sugarcoat it, even though the outfit was a tad on the gay side, that dude totally owns.

  • workin_donkey

    As gay as it looks, that's one strong mofo.

  • Mac

    i felt so inferior watching that

  • Ian

    Hahaha! This guy could be the King of the strippers!😮

  • Me!

    Wow! That's freaking impressive. Now just find the woman's version so I can watch it without feeling gay.

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  • Niz

    Hmmm…… pole dancing meets break dancing meets gymnastics?

  • ting ting

    Why the hell this guy was not picked to olympics??

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