More candidates for parents of the year (17 Photos)

  • vince

    Some of these parents should be used as target practice by #9.

  • camael

    11 really isn't that bad, it's sort of cute actually.

  • Marcos Haubert

    #11 is cute… father son bonding 🙂

  • shawna

    Nice shirt 4

  • dave

    hahaha! #14… Look in the MIRROR – you can see the reflection of the person taking that pic… Looks like a little boy – her other son ??? DAMN GIRL!!!

    • dave

      My fault… MEANT #13

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  • Bongo man

    it's not that life is so short, it's that we take so long to begin……….I'm going to take a ride on my Harley Sportster now and enjoy. Later.
    Bongo Man.

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  • AMY

    women that have their children taking pervocotive pics should be charged with associating with child porn. this is serious shit!!! give me a fuckin break women!!! we wonder why some boys grow up to rape people and molest people? its because they are abused first!!! DUMB CUNTS!!!

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  • l0ptbuk

    #8 shows the future family vehicle, the Motorcycle! (look close, there are 3 people on that bike 😉 )

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