Some high-voltage lines are better than others (11 Photos)

Leave it to Iceland to have a High-Voltage Pylon competition. This years winner designed what they called the "Land of Giants." Making only minor alterations to well established steel-framed tower design, they have created a series of towers that are powerful, solemn and variable. Iceland is now looking to make many more of these artistic-yet-functional pylons. Would be kinda cool if they brought this idea to 'Merica.

  • toby

    this was surprisingly awesome

  • gota

    … until they revolt

    • cynthia

      i see what you did there

      • Michael Freeman

        Watt are you talking about?

        • Jack Meoff

          its nothin to get amped up about

          • Michael Freeman

            Ohm my word!

            • Beau

              You're all having charges pressed against you for comedic douchebaggery.

              • MacheteJack

                Powerful words my friend.

                • Tanana

                  A little too much static in this thread.

                  • Ken

                    Ohm my gawd, this thread is funny!

                    • Nicnac

                      Personally, I'm shocked.

                    • Piburly

                      Wire you laughing?

  • Cheez-Stick

    They look like burning man

  • BigDingo


  • Gandalf..

    And u can climb them next time the volcano errupts in Iceland and u cant see anything above the smoke… 😉

  • H^S

    They need bigger B( . )( . )BS… for.. umm… better conduction.

  • Equalizer

    I want to see some sex position

  • HoooooooKid

    #1 Is that Brooke Hogan on the right?

  • HellHath NoFury

    There are tons of electrical jokes to be made, but all I can think is Iron Giant.

    • Michael Freeman

      I'm really amped for when they build them here.

  • maynard

    Yes by all means bring to the USA and let the whining begin!! :

    "There aren't enough female figures."
    "Why do all look like white guys?"
    " Why aren't there any animal shapes?"
    " How about a couple of lesbian pylons."
    "Dammit leave'm alone. the Christian right loves those old gray hulks just the way they are!!"

  • top dog

    It would be cool to bring this idea to merica, but we got too many assholes running around. Some damn fool just might see fit to pray for your ruination if you did bring em here. I think this is very artistic.

  • stafferty

    If you have a dirty enough mind, you can see glorious optical illusion tits in #1 and #11

  • 2legit2quit

    #11 (on the left) I would…

  • Dave

    If they do this in the U.S., my entries going to have 4 of them doing the Y M C A poses.

  • VryeDenker

    If they do this in America, it is a scientific FACT that someone will give their pylon a dong.

  • Viking

    I hate to group an entire region into one idea, but I have always thought there were very interesting and artistic things that came from the Scandinavian countries. Beautiful women, beautiful artwork, and beautiful ideas for conservation and the environment. All of these things also come from all over the world, so don't get the idea I am saying it's only the Scandinavian folks doing good. I just notice more from that part of the world for some reason….which it's probably because I'd like to visit sometime.:D

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